Slipping By


Have you ever found life just slipping by? Sometimes it feels like a crazy rush and even out of grasp. Today I took the time to update my calendar. A much needed activity, and while doing so, I find that I have slipped on my writing a bit. While I have added a lot more writing to my life, I have not been doing the actual writing! Isn’t it funny how that can work?

So I have officially gotten Writing Posse up on Meetups and we have even had our first event! It was great! So in the updating of my calendar I learned that I now have “writing events” every week except one a month! I celebrate in this! It means that I am finally making that “writing hobby” something more.

My ever busy and crazy, hectic life is finally starting to have a bit of a routine! Maybe now I can even keep up with my blog once more! I am hoping that along with this, I can start working in my garden, growing some veggies and herbs. Maybe even look at moving my life in some kind of direction even!


I hope that life is treating everyone well, and that if it is slipping you by, you reach out with both hands and grab on! Enjoy the ride! Life is a journey! Where is yours going this summer?


3 thoughts on “Slipping By”

      1. Yes, I hope I find the balance soon. And you also find it. ๐Ÿ™‚

        The toughest part for me is not to think about writing when I’m busy doing something else.

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