So, I told you that I would get back to you on my trip!  Man alive, I can’t believe how crazy busy my life has become!  Every time I think I will manage to actually follow through with my goals, they seem to slip through my fingers, but with NaNo fast approaching I will be working hard to actually keep up with them!



Our trip to Arkansas was a grand adventure!  We drove, well I should say I drove *grins* and coming home, well… let’s just say, we decided we wanted to be home so we drove all the way in one go.  With a few stops along the way for sleeping in the car and visiting more family.  Did I mention we got to take the Yaris?! Totally fun, but for sleeping… not much space! *laughs*


There were so many beautiful fall colors on the drive home, it was just stunning!  fallcolor

While we were down there, I did manage to submit some poems to Poet’s Digest, I am hoping!  That said, I am trying something new… I am seeing what some freelancing type things are like.  I am thinking that I kind of enjoy the rush, putting myself out there in smaller pieces vs the big novel length pieces that I have yet to be able to submit.  Might just get me a bit of practice in rejection? *smiles*


Tomorrow is another day, and I have even managed to get a bit of a rough sketch of my NaNo novel in hand!  Later I will add a posting of surviving NaNo and making it out the other side!  How about you?  Are you ready for NaNo?  What adventures have you taken lately?  Have you put yourself out there and submitted something?


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