What Crazy Holiday is Today?!?

DSC_0146Well, I realized that I have failed dreadfully at my goals for this year to keep up on my blog. But I have been working hard to rectify that, and deal with the crisis that we call life!  One of the crazy holidays for the day is International Panic Day, and I thought it the perfect time to reflect on and work towards my poor blog that never gets the attention it deserves!  The past couple weeks I sat down and worked out a schedule and am now working on writing and scheduling my posts in advance, so we shall see how much that helps.

Today is also International Picnic day, and International Sushi Day, so grab your picnic baskets, fill them with sushi and get out there and enjoy the day!  I know that I will be finding some time for a picnic soon!  In this crazy madness of life, and setting out my goals and making plans for my future, it is always important to find time for the finer things in life and enjoy the now!

I hope to do better going forward actually finding balance in this crazy thing called life! So many things to catch up on, and relate to the world at large that I have learned!  I can’t wait to catch up with you all!  How about you? Any of these crazy holidays that you just have to celebrate?  Or days you find funny that they would even have created some strange holiday for?  Where is your life going? Have you taken time to slow down and reflect… Tell me all about it!


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