Everyday Life Getting in the Way: Making Time to Write!

It seems to me that one way or another I have promised myself, and you my wonderful readers, those that are still with me, and those yet to come, that I would write!  Sadly it seems I am always failing at this promise. I get back up and dust my beautiful pens off and try again.  Life it seems, is always getting in my way!  Recently I logged everything I did for a whole week!  Boy was that eye opening. How much time do we waste playing on our cell phones, getting sucked into TV, or even researching nothing on the interwebs, playing video games, so many things that are just a time suck!  That made me realize that if I had time for those things, I could have the time to write, but I would have to make it happen!

So often things in life, the things we want to do, or think we don’t have time to do, we really just have to make the time for!  Give it the space to happen and realize that we control what we do in any given day! Sure things are going to come up, emergencies happen, but what we have to do is remember to get right back into the saddle of the life we want to live!  Make a pointed effort to live life and not let it live us!

What are you really doing with your time? Is life living you, or are you living life?  What is it that you make the time for?


4 thoughts on “Everyday Life Getting in the Way: Making Time to Write!”

  1. It’s like do you live to blog or blog to live. This is something I do ritually and everyday. It’s good to have a routine when doing things you like to do.

  2. I struggle with this all the time (what writer doesn’t?)! I make really good plans, follow through for a couple of weeks, then crash and forget about them for a week, make new plans, and so forth. I guess I haven’t yet found a plan that works.

    1. Yeah, it all too often is the truth for any artist. We are the first to give up our “work” because it isn’t “real work”. I have been in some classes that are really making me reevaluate how I look at things! I am hoping that helps me keep on track! Good luck!

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