Letters From Camp: Two Great “Holidays” Coming At Ya!


So today is the first, and not only is it the first day at Camp NaNo (more to come on that later), but it is also World UFO Day and I Forgot Day!  I had to laugh at this!  Seeing as I am working on Mo Thuras for Camp, and it is a science fiction and fantasy piece about a female space captain I thought it was perfect!!!  And I Forgot Day, well… there is so much in Mo Thuras that is hidden, forgotten, unknown that it is another appropriate holiday for the start of Camp.

Besides, we all know there is plenty we have forgotten today at the start of camp. Sure we have our pillows and our toothbrushes, but… do we have our outlines?  What about some backstory?  That is what I learned last night.  A bunch of new backstory that I didn’t know before, Melody’s da finally decided to tell me his history, not to mention his current occupation!

So the month is just getting going, but we shall soon see what it is that I have forgotten this time around I am sure!

Word Count: 1,207 
Scene: Máthair Dies
Time Spent:  30 minutes

What about you? What do you think you forgot to bring with to Camp?  How about those UFO’s?  Seen any amazing ones lately, have they made an appearance in your camp novel?  Go ahead, add one, who knows where it will lead!  And don’t forget to tell me all about it!  I want to know if you added a UFO or something forgotten to your Camp Novel!


6 thoughts on “Letters From Camp: Two Great “Holidays” Coming At Ya!”

  1. You’re a fast writer! *slightly jealous*
    I didn’t know about either one of those holidays, although I think I can celebrate I Forgot Day everyday of my life!

    1. Yeah I have been having fun exploring all the strange and crazy holidays that exist today! It makes great fodder for my blog and my writing! And, I write fast in short bursts. I write a several hundred words in ten to fifteen minutes, but then I take long breaks between, because that is just how I write. I learned to write like that when I started writing, because I was writing in hospital waiting rooms while I waited with my wife for various appointments. It was really hard to no longer write at the Mayo, if I lived closer I would so go just to write! Best place EV-AR to write! *laughs*

      1. That’s an unusual writing space, but I like it! I don’t do a lot of writing outside the house because I am so easily distracted. Shiny cars! Weird people! Is that a bookstore? Ice cream!
        This is why I don’t get out much, lol.

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