6 Things That Baffle Us Non-Americans

I mean seriously! I may be american, but I have often pondered these very things! Alright, maybe I haven’t, but I couldn’t agree more!

A Collection of Musings


Every society has their own way of doing things. When you belong to that society you might regard these ideas as normal. It’s usually the outsiders who notice the idiosyncracies of another place.

Here are 6 things about USA that baffle the rest of us.

How American football was named

I don’t really understand how this sport is played. What I do know is that ball is usually in someone’s hand and it is not even shaped like a ball. Why is this sport not called handegg?

Ordering a large drink when there are free refills

How are there people who have not figured out that they are paying more for the same amount of soda?

Television commercials for prescription drugs

In the rest of the world doctors tell patients what drugs to take. In America, commercials suggest patients tell doctors what drugs they want to take.

Changing the spelling…

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