Letters from Camp: Independence Day


Today is the day all us Americans come out to play!  We celebrate the birth of this country we call home.  I will be having a bit of fun away from camp, seeing as it is family day today!  Tonight I will be going to see real live fireworks with my sister and other family members! I am hoping to share some pictures with you tomorrow!  Maybe even another little excerpt!  It was a fun filled today at camp (shhh, I didn’t write again.  I promise I will do better today!)  But just to share a bit of Mo Thuras now, here is my novel playlist as it stands right now:  

I do have to say, whenever I hear the words Independence Day, I think of the movie. Maybe I will even take a bit of time for a movie today!  I mean… what’s not to love in that movie?!?

Hope you all have a fun Independence Day!  Do you have any plans?  What about your letters from camp?  Are you where you want to be on your word count goals?  What about noveling playlists?  Do you have inspiration for your novel?


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