Letters from Camp: What Fun!


WOW!  So yesterday was Independence Day, and here at Camp it was also family day!  So we had a day away and spent time with our family’s who we are not really seeing for the month.  The best laid plans seemed to have gone awry, but the end of the night was a great success!

We saw FIREWORKS!  So, I wont say much tonight, but I will share some amazing pictures with you!  So, for your viewing pleasure, my day away from camp:

Airek & I prefireworks
Airek & I pre-fireworks

15 - 282 15 - 88 15 - 92 15 - 171

What about you? What did you do on Independence Day? Did you spend time with your loved ones as well?  Did you do any writing?  Get any great writerly ideas?


11 thoughts on “Letters from Camp: What Fun!”

  1. Those are some beautiful fireworks! I managed to get some writing done and see fireworks, too.

    1. Yeah I started out ahead, buuuut sometimes life just seems to have it out for you! But today I will write, if I don’t get too distracted yet again. But I recently finished the series I was watching on Netflix, so there is hope! *laughs*

      1. I do today! Finally! And thankfully the roommate is gone, of course, I am distracted by all the things I have time for now *laughs* go figure. But prime writing time for me is in the evening, so it will pick up soon.

      2. Haha don’t let distractions get the best of you. Same here. I seem to write the most during the evenings though I wish I could write in the morning.

      3. I took these workshops, they were Business for Artists classes, and they taught us to find our alpha and beta times, and let me tell you, I know without a doubt when I write best down to the hour even! If I try to write earlier, I will fiddle around all day, and am lucky to get a couple hundred words out all day! But if I start writing around 8 or 9 at night, let me tell ya, I can hammer out a thousand or more in next to no time at all! It is amazing. But the really great thing is to have that knowledge, because it really helps you know when to focus on what!

      4. That’s some accuracy right there. If only life didn’t get in the way so we could all write when we work best. The only thing about writing in the evening or at night is I’m always worried about leaving it until the last minute and having something else come up. Ah, productivity at its finest.

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