Letters from Camp: Truth & Forgiveness


So today at camp, and across the world is Tell the Truth Day and Global Forgiveness Day!  The two couldn’t go more hand in hand.  Seeing as I can not lie today, (not that I ever do, scouts honor!) I will admit that I did not write at all yesterday! But that is not to say I have not worked hard on Mo Thuras! I did some important reading, and I also managed a bit of brainstorming and feel like I am “in” my novel once more! So in honor of Forgiveness Day, I am going to forgive myself for not having written all weekend, and yet today.  I am going to brush myself off and get back to work tomorrow!

As an added bonus, what if one of your characters could not lie?  Or maybe they have a whole day, or week, or month that they have to tell the absolute truth! What would that do for your story? For the character?  What about a character that always lies!  Or one who never forgives anyone?  Some food for thought! I look forward to hearing if any of that appears in your camp novel!


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