Letters from Camp: A Teddy Bear Picnic!


Just had to share one of the most epic days ever!  Today is Teddy Bear Picnic Day!

And of course, what would a teddy bear picnic be without pictures of my very own picnic!

TeddyBearPicnic3 TeddyBearPicnic4  TeddyBearPicnic1TeddyBearPicnic2

So are you going to go out and have your teddy bear picnic now?  If so, be sure to tell me all about it!  Share the pictures!  Wouldn’t this make a great scene in your book? If you are stuck, write a scene where your character goes out and has a teddy bear picnic, or maybe they think it is totally ridiculous and teases someone about having done so in the past!  Whatever the case, it is bound to get your word count rolling!  Tell me what you are doing this Teddy Bear Picnic holiday!


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