Letters from Camp: Inclement Weather


Well, after a weekend getaway, I got home and was ready to write tonight!  But wouldn’t you know it, a big storm came up, and I spent over an hour in the basement!  Then when it finally had passed, the power was still surging for another hour or two!  So, I guess I am not really getting the writing I had planned on done.  Seems so much keeps coming up!

monitorsToday is Embrace Your Geekiness Day!  I think I will do so by spending the day on the computer! Geeking out and writing! Of course, I will also have to take some time out to do some critiquing, seeing as I have a crit group meeting tomorrow!  Wow, where has the time gone?!? Can you believe we are already thirteen days into camp?!

What about you? Is life getting in your way? Are you getting the writing done you hoped for? Are you behind yet hopeful like me?


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