Reason to Believe

Deep thoughts to ponder, while avoiding writing for Camp NaNo! Or maybe just to share around the campfire tonight!

Amitav Chowdhury

A fabricated story does not become a reality by simply overstating it. There are facts and lot many are exaggerated repetitions, which everyone starts believing in. The mind does get swayed and oscillates between your reasoning and the truth that is being dished out to you.

Sometimes not palatable, you have to savor it, with a smile on your face. Even though you later suffer from ‘irritable mind syndrome’, you cannot refute the illogical with your sensible arguments. Many a times you just want to revolt, but it all ends with a whimper, with rage, creating turmoil in your mind.

Taking a cue from the old adage and slightly tweaking it I may say ‘life is stranger than fiction’. There are a lot of things to grapple with in a lifetime. With apprehensions, paranoia and putting on a brave face, trying to give meaning to life and as far as…

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