Letters from Camp: A break!


So sorry that I have not gotten back to you sooner, but you see… beings as I had a free day at camp, I stole away for a bit of catching up that needed doing!  I know, I know. It is supposed to be all about the writing this month, but see… it would seem that since I am writing that dreaded ending, even cleaning the toilets wins out!  And let me tell you, camp bathrooms are the WORST!

Well, yesterday I took a bit of a break. Yeah, I know that seems like that is all I am doing, what with the words not coming out, but hey I am getting some much needed thinking in!  So anywho, I made a mad dash home to get caught up on a few things, and of course got side tracked by Netflix.  I know, one should never nip home and turn on the Netflix! It is dangerous! But I only pulled a mostly all-nighter!  It will be back to semi-regular today… I think… maybe… I hope…

What about you? Do you ever find even bummer jobs like cleaning the bathroom win out over the scenes you dread? Have you slipped away from camp to do other things this July? How is your summer shaping up?


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