Crazy Busy!

found on the interwebs
found on the interwebs

Hey all, just popping in to say that I will be back and posting soon!  Life kind of kicked me in the head, and I am down right now, but I should be back in a day or two!  I already know what I will be posting for the rest of the month, just need a bit of time to write!  See you all soon!!!


Mary Poppins!

So, I have been dying to share with you the amazing performance I went to!!!  In Fargo they have this performing arts school, and the high schoolers did Mary Poppins and boy did they ever do the most amazing job ever!!!

Here are some fun pics I took with my phone from the show!

The two amazingly beautiful people I went to see the show with! Love you guys!
The theatre
Third row seats!!! What’s better, there was a translator signing right there!!! (And let me tell ya, you have not seen anything until you have seen someone try to translate the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! While they are singing and sing spelling it, very fast!)
At the park.
Word seller! (I think this was one of my favorite parts. It is not something you find in the movie adaptation)
Of course it wouldn’t be Mary Poppins without the chim chiminy song, now would it?!?
the hiring of the new, and evil old nanny. (it was their father’s old nanny! And it explains soooo very much! *laughs*)
Mary Poppins getting rid of the evil nanny!
When the toys come to life!
Let’s go fly a kite!
Farewell Mary Poppins! You will ever live on in our hearts!
the cast and crew, well, what I could get a picture of! There were many of them, all in high school. They did such an incredible job!

Guest Post – Camp Fail

Our version of Tetris!


Hey all, I know I have been gone a few days, sorry about that.  I was out helping my sister move! Lots of work and then no interwebs at the new place!  I am home, but beat, but I have a GREAT post to share with you all!  My great friend and cabin mate, StoryCoat, has some wonderful words for you, so here she is!

Camp Fail

Well, unlike my lovely cabin mate Ravyn, I did not make winner this year at camp. As I packed my proverbial bags to go home I wiped away tears of disdain at my camp fail! I nearly tripped over my lip as I headed out the door and down the trail to get on the last bus leaving camp. The bus for losers.  Ravyn bless her pea pickin’ heart, was long gone in that decked out bus for winners, banners flyin’ the whoops and hollerin’ lasting for miles down the road.
As I boarded the bus I nearly slipped on the puddle of tears dropped by others who failed to get their word count goal. I mounted the steps and stood looking at the bus full of heads hanging low, lower lips flowing over laps touching the floor of the bus. Whimpers coming from the mouths of those who had failed along with me. The bus was full, almost standing room only. (I’m also slow) Then it hit me. My lower lip zapped back up so fast it nearly bruised my teeth! We aren’t losers! We didn’t fail!! Heck! We’re on the bus!! WE ARE ON THE BUS!!! That means we took the time to at least make the effort to try. “WE ARE ON THE BUS!!” I shouted, “WE AIN’T LOSERS, WE ARE TRIERS AND WE TRIED!! WE GAVE IT A SHOT!!”
Then some little green kid looked up with teary eyes and said, “Yeah, but . . . there is no try. There’s only do or don’t do.”
“Okay,” I said. “So everybody who wrote something – anything at all for Camp NaNo raise your hand.” Every hand on the bus when up, including the little green kid’s. “Well then,” I said, “We all done did!! Maybe we didn’t do as much as we planned on doing but we did something which is a damn sight better than the millions who stayed at home doin’ nuthin’ sayin’ ‘oh yeah, dude that Camp NaNo sounds like fun. I’ma do that one of these days.’ By golly, WE got ON the bus, we came, we saw, maybe we didn’t conquer but we did a little bit and now we can go home proud of the fact that despite all the adversity we faced in the month of July, we wrote sumpthin’. Whatever it was, it counted. IT COUNTED PEOPLE!!”

You shoulda been there to hear all those long faces zapping back up to where they belonged. Even the little green guy got happy! The shouts of joy echoed for miles and miles. Sometimes it’s not whether you win or lose. Sometimes all that matters is that you made the effort!
Thanks, StoryCoat, for those amazing words of truth!  So long as you have even one word, it is one more word than you had before setting out on this Camp experience!  How about everyone else? Was camp a fail? Or did you manage to do “something”?

Camp Followup!


I did it!!! I don’t know how I pulled it off, but somehow or another, I pulled off my word count by the skin of my teeth!  The amazing 6k day was the best.  It was like, all of a sudden, the words were just flying out.  I don’t know what happened to make the flood gates open, but I am so glad they did!

What I am most excited about, however, is that I managed to get some words and ideas put down in the scenes that I have avoided.  Which was actually my goal for Camp more than words were!  I am really excited to sit down and actually get worked through Mo Thuras now, seeing as I almost have a complete story to work with!  It is so exciting to see this story rolling together!

How did camp go for you?  Did you manage to reach your word count goal?  If you didn’t get your word count goal did you manage to reach any of your writerly goals?  Did you at least manage some words?!?