Mary Poppins!

So, I have been dying to share with you the amazing performance I went to!!!  In Fargo they have this performing arts school, and the high schoolers did Mary Poppins and boy did they ever do the most amazing job ever!!!

Here are some fun pics I took with my phone from the show!

The two amazingly beautiful people I went to see the show with! Love you guys!
The theatre
Third row seats!!! What’s better, there was a translator signing right there!!! (And let me tell ya, you have not seen anything until you have seen someone try to translate the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! While they are singing and sing spelling it, very fast!)
At the park.
Word seller! (I think this was one of my favorite parts. It is not something you find in the movie adaptation)
Of course it wouldn’t be Mary Poppins without the chim chiminy song, now would it?!?
the hiring of the new, and evil old nanny. (it was their father’s old nanny! And it explains soooo very much! *laughs*)
Mary Poppins getting rid of the evil nanny!
When the toys come to life!
Let’s go fly a kite!
Farewell Mary Poppins! You will ever live on in our hearts!
the cast and crew, well, what I could get a picture of! There were many of them, all in high school. They did such an incredible job!

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