That Like Button

Has Facebook ruined social media of any form? I have a blog to interact with people… Yet no matter what I try to interact with my readers, it would seem that even here, a place full of writers, we don’t take the time to comment… Instead we just click on the little like button…  It makes me wonder about other things as well. I recently watched a video online that I really thought was very inspiring and thought provoking… I will share it with you here:


So what do you think? Do we spend too much time on our electronics?  Do we spend all our time with short cuts, not writing things out?  Looking at posts and thinking TLDR?  What are your thoughts?


16 thoughts on “That Like Button”

  1. I love people who comment and have made quite a few friends that way. The lure is interesting content, and then being semi sociable. I have my own collection of likers who never say a word.

  2. Most people have gotten to where it’s a quick skim of things, and if you can’t reach your point in like 100 words, they move on. It’s a frustrating thing being a writer, yet having no one read your thoughts.

    1. Yeah that while TLDR. I got pretty upset with myself when I realized that I started doing that! But once I realized it, I started really reading again. If course sometimes I wonder then, his often do people start to read, and then just click on the little star so they can move on. *laughs*

  3. The like button has become almost an acknowledgement button, a nice way of saying this was good I found it interesting but I don’t having anything more to add. I too prefer to comment. Thank goodness the like on wordpress doesn’t affect the visibility of the blog though!

    1. Exactly! I think the fast pace of our lives today doesn’t leave us enough time to think about the things we are reading. I am sure I am just as guilty, but this really left me thinking about it! I do try to leave comments, sometimes I have to think about it though. Actually process what I have just read.

  4. There was another video very similar to this one that was out and about on social media not too long ago – both make great points. Hopefully we’ll eventually learn to work out a good balance between technology, devices, connections and just interacting face to face. I do have a question, though, what the heck is TLDR?!?

    1. TLDR is to long didn’t read… Which is a favorite saying for anything longer then 300 words… Not of mine, but I have actually heard my partner saying that about websites/articles! *laughs* but yeah balance is my word of the year, and I feel it is most important in these areas!

      1. Ah, that makes sense. I try to keep all my posts short for that very reason – I know people want to get all the info within about 10 seconds!

  5. I agree with the commenters above; if something is too long, it’s going to get skipped over, not even skimmed. That’s the whole reason Twitter exists; nobody can be bothered to read “long” posts anymore. And that’s why there’s “like” buttons: because few people can be bothered to write out a comment.

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