Flash Fiction a Day: Day 2

Hey, maybe I will just make a thing of this! Sharing the raw story as it comes out.  This was a particularly fun little prompt to work with.

The prompt was:   Your mom admits to you that you have some … supernatural blood running through your veins. But she doesn’t remember what kind, cause she was kinda a hoe.

Here is the story I came up with:

Photo by Geran de Klerk on Unsplash

Strange things keep happening to you. Wishes granted, luck always finding you.  Things you want to question, but know that would totally loose the marvelous happenstance that created it.  Walking in the door of your mother’s home for the holidays she takes one look at you and her face falls.

“I was so hoping not to have to have this conversation with you.” she murmurs, almost more to herself.

“Excuse me? What conversation?” You ask her.

“Well, this is not exactly easy, but I need to tell you something, and I can tell, there is just a certain… shimmer about you.” She closes her eyes a moment while you come in and situate yourself.  Dropping your bag by the door and kicking off your shoes.

“A shimmer? I am just happy is all. Luck has been on my side lately. I like actually being successful, it makes me happy. Not that you would know.” You look disdainfully around the parse apartment.

“Money isn’t everything, and there are more kinds of success then you realize.” She says.

You wave a hand dismissively, “Yeah, yeah, I know. But money makes life a lot easier.”

“I can’t argue that. But back to the subject at hand.” She takes a deep steadying breath. “So there is something you need to know. I am pretty sure your father wasn’t exactly human. I know that you have some form of supernatural blood running through your veins, I am just not really sure what exactly.  I mean, I think I remember which was your father, but well… there were so many always vying for my attention back then.  It is most likely that he was fae, I mean… you have never shown any bloodthirsty inclinations so can rule out the vampire.” She looks at me closely then, “You don’t get rather anxious around the full moon do you?”

You just gape at her. These are things of a fairy tale, not real life.

“I am serious here.” She says with a quiet intensity that is hard to ignore. You just shake your head. She must be off her meds or something.

“Mom, look. I know you mean well, but are you taking your meds? Are you getting help? I can take you in if you are afraid to go alone.”

“MEDS?!?  What are you talking about?  I have never been on meds, and I am not delusional.  I never told you about it because I was hoping that it wouldn’t matter. But I can see just by looking at you that it does.  You have the gift, and so it is time you learned of your heritage. I just really wish I knew which was your father.  It would make things so much easier.”

Well, there it is in all it’s gory unedited mess!  Please let me know what you think in the comments.  Also, why not give it a go yourself?  The prompt is there and I would love to read what you come up with.


5 thoughts on “Flash Fiction a Day: Day 2”

  1. “I keep waking up in strange places, where I don’t remember how I got there.” I took a sip of the cold coffee my mother had given me and looked at her. “The thing is … well, the thing is that I don’t even know how I could have got to these places. Like, the top of a bridge. Or, the roof of a skyscraper.”
    She sighed and looked at me with sorry eyes. “I don’t know what to tell you.”
    “But mom … when I wake up I panic ‘cause I don’t know how I got there and have no idea how to get down. All I can do is call 911. The bills for my rescue are getting a little much.” I drained the cup and took one of the stale Oreos. “Surely, you know more.”
    “All I know is you’ve probably got some special blood coursing through your veins, but … well, I’ve told you before. I was running with a crowd back then. And superheroes, you know, they’re kind of out-of-control. You get a superpower and you think the rules don’t apply to you. So …”
    “Come on, Mom …”
    “No, I’m telling you I don’t know. I mean there was Iron Man, who in my opinion, well, yeah, he had some iron if you know what I mean.”
    “Shit Mom, this is not what I need to hear.”
    But she was on a roll and couldn’t stop. “Superman, well I certainly wasn’t his kryptonite. I loved it when he flew with me. Spiderman, I don’t know, there was something he could do that made me feel like he really was a spider, with eight arms or legs doing things to me. And when they kept their masks on?
    “Mom? Enough.”
    “I’m sorry. I just don’t know what to tell you.” She was twirling a strand of her hair, staring into the space between us. I slapped the table to get her attention.
    “Maybe … maybe you should lock yourself into your room at night. Or handcuff yourself to your bed. Something to keep you in at night,” my mother suggested. “What I don’t understand is why you don’t remember your adventures.”
    “Who knows? Maybe that’s my superpower. Call me Amnesia-Man.”

    1. That was AWESOME, kingmidget!!! I love it! And the bills for the rescues, that made me laugh so hard! Not to mention the oversharing! *laughs* I mean… that is what moms do, am I right?!? Thanks so much for sharing, that was totally fun!

      1. Thank you and thank you for posting your daily prompts. I’ve been struggling with writing for a few years and am trying to use prompts like yours and those provided by another blogger or two to prove to myself I can still write. Even if it’s just a short piece of flash fiction. I may not have something for every one of your prompts, but when one of them strikes a chord and I have a few minutes, you’ll see more.

      2. Awesome! I wasn’t going to post all of them, but then thought, you know, it keeps me accountable so why not? I also feel like having the raw story out there is better than nothing. I will be forming some of these into something more to try to submit for publishing, but mostly it is a tool to help me stay in the practice of writing every day and writing complete pieces, beginning, middle, and most importantly an ending! I really struggle to finish my pieces. Thanks so much for sharing it is a lot more fun seeing what others come up with as well!

      3. And some point soon I will put something about your prompts on my blog. I think these prompts are important for writers to use.

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