Flash Fiction a Day: Jan 3

I had intended to stream today’s little flash fiction episode, but seeing as life has been playing hockey with me I will totally just be thrilled that I found the time to get my piece written!

Photo by pierangelo bettoni on Unsplash

Today’s Prompt:  Go inside the mind of a patient whose heart stops for 10 minutes, which gives the patient the chance to make a shocking discovery that reframes their life. Include supernatural elements, but do not dare use the phrase “the light flashed before their eyes,” or any other near-death experience tropes.


Light Within

“Whoa… That… was incredible!” Bethany whispers.
“What was incredible?! Your heart stopped, there was nothing incredible about that! In fact it was the most harrowing ten minutes of my life!” Jas exclaims.
Blinking slowly Bethany looks over, “What do you mean? I was having a conversation.”
“Not in any known language you weren’t, heck even that didn’t last long because you were flatlined when they came rushing in yelling codes and you just lay there, so still. If I believed such things I would have said I watched your essence leave, but I don’t. Regardless, don’t you ever do that to me again” a quiver comes through in her voice, tears unnoticed roll down her face.
Bethany tips her head, studying Jaz. She was always the strong one, often teased of being heartless and fearless. She is more robot than human, most think she feels nothing, but Bethany always knew better. Now though, there is even more to it, it is like a few moments ago, when she was watching things happen around her. Jaz still glows with an inner radiance she didn’t know existed before. “I know this may be hard to hear Jaz, but I just experienced something amazing! It was worth every moment. The conversations I had, the things I was able to see. I don’t know that I can explain it to you, but seriously, it is like there is this inner essence in everyone that has it’s own light, and I can see them now. There are still things I am meant to do. I don’t know how I know that, as that was not part of the conversations I had, but I know it. Just like I know that is why I can see your light now. There is something that looks out for the world, a force that created it, and it wants us to find it and become part of it. That is what I witnessed, I am sure of that. I want you to be a part of this with me. Help me share what I learned with others. I know that I will have to recover, but as soon as I am well enough to get out of here that is what I want. Will you help me?”
“After you recover Bethany, we will see if you still feel that way, right now you are not yourself. You know I am here for you…”
Watching her Bethany can’t help but feel the sadness, Jaz doesn’t believe her, doesn’t believe the wonderful light that is in the world lives in her. She will be her first mission. Convince Jaz that there is more than this and she will be able to convince anyone.


There ya have it. Why not join me in this challenge, grab your writing style of choice, and a nice hot cuppa, set a timer for fifteen to twenty minutes and just go!  What do you come up with when you think of this prompt? What do you think of my flash story? Please leave your thoughts in the comments!


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