Flash Fiction a Day: Jan 5

Well, today it was like pulling teeth. I really liked the prompt the random number generator threw at me today, I just was struggling to get the words out.  But hey, we keep writing even when it is hard, it isn’t about only writing when the writing comes easy, right?

Today’s Prompt:   “I love you,” he whispers under his breath as the love of his life walks down the aisle to the man he is paid to assassinate.

There are actually parts of the story that I really love, so while the writing came slow, I adore the bride to be’s thoughts!

Photo by Petr Ovralov on Unsplash

Reading over the job I know this one is going to actually be a hard job. I mean, the assassinations are easy enough, but… it is her soon to be husband, at her wedding. A day most brides dream of since they are little girls.  I hate to ruin that for her, for any woman really.
Grabbing up my blow dart gun I slip it into the back pocket of my suit pants. Readjusting my tie, I add several darts to the seams and look in the mirror.  Lookin’ sharp man.  Turning away, I grab up my suit coat and head out the door.
Pacing back and forth I worry, I hope that he shows up in time. I want to be widowed at the perfect moment. He is the best… and he has always protected me. I just want his attention, and that was the only reason I got engaged, but then he didn’t step up!  I don’t know what more I can do to get his attention. I know what he is, and I am alright with that, he just doesn’t understand that I know and am okay with what he does.
The door opens and my maid of honor walks in.  “Why are you not in your dress yet?! It is almost time!”
Glancing up at the clock I can’t believe it, where did the time go?  “I was nervous, I didn’t realize.  My dress is easy enough to slip into though, if you will zip me up?” I am already stepping in to the gown. A simple thing, that should look amazing spattered in the droplets of my fiance’s blood.
Watching her walk down the isle I can’t help but feel a twinge, she is incredibly beautiful. Lost in my thoughts, I realize that it is almost time. Pulling my blow gun and a dart from my tie I look at her, feeling sad for her in that moment.  “I love you” I whisper to her just before darting the man she is about to wed.


4 thoughts on “Flash Fiction a Day: Jan 5”

    1. I actually see the groom as someone with rather strict morals. Sure his job is a terrible one, but he feels bad about ruining any brides day. The bride on the other hand, she is not really opposed to what he does, although some of that in part is because she sees it as protective and security.

      1. The assassin isn’t the groom though, the guy getting assassinated is the groom because his wife to-be wants the attention of the assassin. Hence, poor groom.

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