Flash Fiction a Day: Jan 6

Well, I was going to take today off, and not write, but I seem to have found the strength after all.  So I hope you enjoy!

Today’s Prompt:   I stared at the deep purple vial he twisted between his fingers and resisted the urge to reach out and snatch it from his filthy hands.

Standing in the dark ally he watches the filthy beggar as he twists the vial between his grubby fingers. KayCe wants nothing more than to reach out and snatch the deep purple vial back.  But it is done now. Traded for the information he just gave KayCe, but it hurts. It had better be worth the location he provided. Turning away before he can’t walk away and actually does grab back the vile.

Photo by Wesley Balten on Unsplash

“She has to be there. I can’t have lost her for good.” he mumbles quietly to himself.
“I know you will find her lad, she never truly wants to be away from you, you know that.” Jin says, startling KayCe.
“What the hell, Jin!  Where did you come from?” KayCe grouses at him.
“I knew you would offer it tonight. It was the only way to get her back and you know it will work.” He responds quietly.
“Yeah, it is just hard to let it go, it is the last one. There will be no more magic now. I just hope that she doesn’t regret it.” KayCe mumbles.
“It was never the magic she wanted, KayCe. It was only ever you. And I think you will find that love has it’s own magic all on it’s own if you only give it a chance, let it grow, and you will see.” Jin responded to the quiet night. Watching as KayCe moves over to the one who means the world.


I hope that you enjoyed the little quick flash piece!  What do you come up with that prompt? Do you ever take breaks from challenges you present yourself, or do you push through?  As always I love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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