Well, I am going to toss another unedited flash fiction your way!  Didn’t I tell you that is the norm for this year? Lots and lots of unedited flash pieces. Hopefully 365, if I manage my challenge.

So, here is Today’s Prompt: Your new boyfriend has already met your grandmother, in fact – they’re friends.

My take on a very fun prompt:

“Wait… you guys know one another?!  Why didn’t you tell me Mikhail?  Grams?  How? When did you meet?” Josephene races through questions faster than either of us can answer.

I look over to Elizabeth, and she just gives a tiny nod.  “I guess there are somethings we should tell you Jo.  I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you sooner, but there are things…”

Photo by Sabbir Rahaman on Unsplash

“It wasn’t his information to share is what he is trying to say ‘Phene. It is mine. I have secrets, and I always have. You know that. It is the life of court intrigue, but you know that too. The Fae were hardly going to sit back and just let Va…” I shake my head carefully, not wanting Jo to see. “Let me rephrase. The Courts are always too busy needing to know what everyone else is doing. You have known for years that I was not just some simple courier. I am and always have been a spy, and I figure you are old enough to know that now.  Just don’t go blabbing it around.” Elizabeth holds up her hand to stop the flow of words about to come out of Jo.  “I know, I know you are not they type to gossip my dear.”

“That still doesn’t really explain how you guys could be friends!” She all but shouts.

“Well, I have been somewhat of an… informant, I suppose you could say for your grandmother for a number of years.” I answer quietly.

“A number of years, but I thought you…” she trails off. She is Fae, but still part human. She does not age as quickly as humans, and is used to those who live centuries without seeming to age a day.  Her grandmother is a prime example, she doesn’t look a day over thirty.  “Oh, I guess I just assumed…” she trails off.

“That I was human?  Hardly. You my dear are way to magical a creature to ever be satisfied with a human partner, a human life. And you never asked.” I respond to her unanswered question.

“You’re right, but… that is not something you really bring up around humans. It just isn’t done. They live with their own illusions in life.  And in my defense, I did meet you at the local college.  Course, the fact that you were teaching The Occults should have been my first clue.” she says with less heat.

“Does it matter?  Seriously ‘Phene, when have you become so speciesist? Some of your best friends growing up were gnomes, and none of us could figure out why you dated that troll.” Elizabeth scolds her gently.

“It was because she was so much fun! She really knew how to have a good time and I didn’t want any kind of serious relationship back then, I mean I was only in my thirties!” Jo huffs back.

I carefully hide my smirk, turning my head for a moment.  Looking over at them I can’t help but comment, “A troll?”

“Well, I was bored!  Sides, it can’t be any worse than a vampire?” she retorts.

“How…” I sputter back.

“Look, I may have mistaken you for a human because I didn’t want to know better, but it’s not like all the signs are not that. Sides, that is what grams was about to say before you decided to signal her with your hyperspeed movements. Yeah… remember, mostly Fae, and not just any Fae, Tuatha de Danann, and not something to be trifled with. I have skills… mad skills.” Jo’s usual quirky and confident self is back.

Elizabeth laughs, “that is the truth, child. If only you would remember to use and hone those skills every once in a while.”

“Oh come now Liza… I have the feeling she has been playing us this whole time.” I remark, seeing the twinkle in her eyes.

She taps her nose at me.  “Just so, Mikhail. Just so.”


I hope you enjoyed another installment of my Flash Fiction a Day challenge!  What do you think of my piece? Did you write one? Please share in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “FLASH FICTION A DAY: JAN 7”

  1. “Hold on a second.”

    Joe tried to say something, but I stopped him again. “No, hold on. I’m trying to get my head around this.”

    “Honey …”

    “No, don’t ‘honey’ me.” I sat down, took a swig from the bottle of beer in front of me, looked at my boyfriend, trying really hard not to slap him. “Just … don’t.”

    Sure, Joe was a little older than me. My friends referred to him as a cradle robber after all. But, still he was much younger than my grandmother.

    But …

    What had he just admitted to me?

    He knew my grandmother. Kind, gentle, Grandma Mary. He knew her. And not just because they had worked together or were in the same book club.

    No, he knew her.

    After Grandpa passed away. Maybe a year or so afterwards, she was lonely and she answered an ad. Joe was on the other side.

    He knew my Grandma Mary in a way that …

    “Get out.”

    1. I sooooo almost went that exact direction! Only I was gunna have the guy a vampire who fell in love with her grandmother but she was already married and her granddaughter was gunna look just like her… Hehehe

      1. That sounds waaaaayyyyyy too complicated for me. 😉 But maybe you should work on that as a non-flash alternative to the prompt.

      2. I may just write another flash piece. There is 358 more days to go this year and I am determined to have 365 flash pieces by the end of it, maybe more if I’m particularly motivated

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