Today’s brilliant little flash piece was done entirely on stream! Yay for meeting goals!  It is also horrible, but it is a totally fun little “storytelling” blip.  So welcome to a brief history of the SkyLanders.

Today’s Prompt:   After Jack the Giant Killer ruthlessly murdered their king and threw their world into turmoil and war, the inhabitants of the Sky Kingdom must rebuild their lives.

My Story:  Brief History of SkyLanders

“You would think that some Grounder just coming on in and taking out our king wouldn’t have left us facing war, but… this was an unprecedented situation. No one had ever actually come to their kingdom before and certainly they had never had someone just come unprovoked and slaughtered their king before.  I mean, honestly the nerve.  But that is what one could expect from grounders.  Anything different from themselves they think they need to terminate or at the least poke with a very big stick.
If only the king would have had a son, but no… all he had was this daughter, a daughter who has no ability to lead, heck she can’t even pick out a gown for a ball. And that is what lead to the war. She thought she should lead, but none of the SkyLanders were willing to follow such a frivolous one as she.

Photo by Samuel Ferrara on Unsplash

Two of the strongest SkyLanders wanted to be king, and the easy answer would be to just marry the girl, but they never have been one for taking the easy route, sides, no one wants to be stuck with the girl. So instead they fight. They fight for the power of the thrown and they fight for the joy of it. A joy they had forgotten over the years.
Most of the fighting has finally finished however… There are not many of them left, and ready for the fighting to be done, they settle in and opt for an election.  Sure they could have started with that, but where is the fun in that?  SkyLanders are all about the joys in life, booze and fighting for a time, and then they like to settle back down to a time of peace.”
“How do you know all of that about the SkyLanders?” Zack asks quietly from the back of the room.
“Because I lived there for  a time, young Zack. It was a wondrous place. Full of lots of interesting ideas. They are a rather simple people, open to new ideas, but often opting for what life can offer in the easiest of ways. They truly like to celebrate in any moment whatever it is that is appealing to them at the moment. They very much live in the now.” Zander answered.  “Now, are there any more questions? I have a few other errands to run before heading back”
“Back, you are going back up there?!  But isn’t that dangerous? How did you survive up there? Isn’t everything too big for you, don’t they eat Grounders?” Suzzanah asked.
“What?” Zander laughs. “Of course they don’t eat grounders. They are actually rather kind-hearted folk, when not having fun with a rollicking good war. They tend to be rather long lived, so a good war every now and then is apparently a normal thing for them. But at any rate, they actually offer things in a smaller more normal size in addition to their usual wares. They actually like having new ideas circulate, so long as things like Jack the GiantSlayer doesn’t happen again. That is why they got the misnomer of being Grounder Eaters… Because there was a time there when they did kill almost any Grounder on sight, but that is not the case now. Now they are back to business as usual, and if you are looking for a great place to set up a trading business… trust me, SkyLanders make for booming business.  Now, I understand if you want more answers kids, but I really must be going. When I come back down for more supplies I will ply you with more tales, but until then I really must be going.”


What about you? Where does this prompt lead you?   Do you enjoy crafting histories for the stories you write? What do you think of my alternate history to what happened after Jack the Giant Slayer was to the Sky Kingdom?


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