Here we are, nine days in to the new year and yay! I am still managing to go strong with my writing. So I will leave you with todays prompt:  How can I be a Lady of the Night when all I want to do is walk in the sun?

Today’s Story:

In the Darkness

Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash

She awoke to the darkness. The last three days the darkness is all she has seen.  She is ready for the sun.  They told her that she would never walk in the sun again, that she is now a Lady of the Night. Whatever that means. Sounds are so much sharper though, and her vision… it is almost like every shade is different. Colors are deeper, less vibrant, but grey has never had so many shades of color!
Wandering the grounds outside of the complex they took me too, I breathe in the night air. A scent fills my mind, and I feel this deep urge to seek it out. I can tell just from the fragrance and the quickening of my saliva that it is something that will quench something deep within me, a yearning I didn’t even know was there.  Turning I walk towards a small cabin nestled in the trees on the edge of the property.  The silhouette of a young woman moves behind the window.  A young man opens the door, and looks directly at me, as I move closer I feel a strange sensation in my mouth, running my tongue over my teeth I feel the incisors have lengthened… what is this?  I blink and find myself at his steps.
“You should not be hear, the master will not be pleased.  Head back to the main compound, I am sorry but we cannot help you.” He says from withing the protection of the house.
I shake my head, what is going on? What is wrong with me? How did I get here so fast?
“Lexi” a quiet voice comes from behind me. His voice. I whirl around and find myself arms length from him. Looking back I realize I have traveled a good distance from the small cabin. This can’t be happening.
“What did you do to me?” I sob.
“Shhh… it’s going to be alright. I am here, I’ve got you. You will be okay, I am sorry I didn’t expect you to wake so soon or I would have been there. You never have to be alone again. That is why you came with me, remember?” His voice pools inside of me. Whispering of secrets and love, touching places inside my soul I didn’t even know existed before.
“You promised that life could be a wonder…” I whispered back, knowing that with his keen hearing he could hear every nuance. “But at what cost? How can I be this Lady of the night, when all I want is to walk in the sun once more?”



One thought on “FLASH FICTION A DAY: JAN 9”

  1. Great story. I like the imagery and I could sense the urgency the character has.

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