Flash Fiction a Day: Jan 14

Well, I am back at it! Here is another flash piece coming at you fresh off the press!

Today’s PromptDirt and leaves tangled in my hair as he pushed me to the ground. He pressed his hand over my mouth and whispered, “Hush or they’ll hear you.”

Not Ready

“Seriously, get…” She started to say, before his hand crushed her mouth, like his weight was already doing to her body. Pushing her into the cold ground. Dirt and leaves tangling in her hair, scattered through like little ornaments.
“Hush or they’ll hear you.” His gruff, quiet voice floods her senses, like the leaves in her hair.
Her eyes go big as she hears the sounds of horses and men speaking off to their left.  Looking up to the man trying to protect her she wonders how she heard them before she did. She has been running for a week now, and every time she thinks she is getting far enough away, every time she starts to relax her guard it is like they know and there they are once more.

Photo by Neal Kharawala on Unsplash

He glances at her, slowly easing his weight off, and moving his hand away, and putting a finger to his lips.  She nods, and tries to quietly roll over to better be able to see what is coming and also move when the time comes.
The men move past them, and she sits slowly, staying quiet in case there are any more following behind.
“Thank you for that. Who are you? And how did you know to take cover?” She asks in a soft voice, almost a whisper.
“Names Aiden, and I have been tracking you. Sorry Aisling, I know who you are, but I am not trying to take you back, just here to keep you safe. Hunter’s orders.” His voice hits at something inside. It is like she should know him.

“Do I know you? There is something about you…” she trails off.
“No. Well, yes… long ago, before you ever lived with Hunter and Marie… there was a terrible flood. Your home and family were lost, you had a twin brother… Well, it has taken me a long while to catch up with you.”
“You… you’re ‘that’ Aiden! I have dreamed of you since that day. How did you survive? Why didn’t you find me sooner?  And Hunter and Marie are okay with this?”
He chuckles softly, “So many questions. It is nice to see some things haven’t changed.  And yes, they are alright with you leaving they understand why you left, they just wish you would have said goodbye. They honestly would have gone with you, but knew that would be too obvious, that you would have been found easier.  And I don’t know exactly how I survived.  But I do know that He is never going to stop searching for you, so you should maybe rethink this. I will keep you safe, but why do this? Why run away from Him?”
“Because. Sometimes… sometimes we just have to do things for ourselves for a change. I am not ready to rule the world. I don’t want that responsibility.”

This is a brief glimpse from a world and novel I have had going the longest… A piece I would love to dust off and really start working with again, now that I feel like I could actually do it justice!  How about you? Do you ever like to pick up those old ideas?


2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction a Day: Jan 14”

  1. Another great piece.

    I thought about picking up on other works I forgot about. I have a slew of unfinished works that I might pick up again or do away with them completely.

    1. I am really looking forward to picking up my half finished novels and taking them to new heights! It is always fun to find new inspiration and see how it can change and grow.

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