DFF: What Comes Next

Today we have a silly little piece… I was watching a fellow streamer and he said something and I just KNEW it had to be a flash piece.

Today’s Prompt: A thing happened, there was a time, now is the place.

Today’s Story:

What Comes Next

Suzi was rushing through to get to her house before a thing happened. It was not every day there was a time that you could experience a thing happening, and so she was very excited. Now is the place, she kept telling herself. There is only so many who actually were selected to experience a thing. The only downfall was, she really didn’t know where. All they said was that there was a time and now is the place. What does that even mean?

Unlocking the door and dropping her bags by the door, she runs to her room to grab a change of clothes and toss them in a bag. It is always best to be prepared. Rushing off to the kitchen, she hits the pantry next. Dropping some easy portable food and several bottles of water into the bag.  Tossing the bag on the table, she mentally checks things off the list. What could she need for any event that there was a time to happen?  Clothes, check, food and water, check… Heading off to the bathroom, she grabs a small toiletries bag and adds that to her growing bag, along with a throw blanket she snagged off her chair as she moved through the house.

Photo by Sam X on Unsplash

“Hmm… is that everything?” she asks herself.

“I hope so, because now is the place, and there was a time a thing happened, so it is time for us to depart. You have four minutes to finish collecting your things and prepare yourself for the trials.” A deep gravely voice sounds from behind her.

She whirls around, “oh, umm… wait? What? Trials? I thought…” she trails off. She really didn’t know what to think. No one actually knew what happened to those selected. It was thought to be an honor, but… maybe, just maybe they were all wrong. Well, she guessed she was about to find out one way or another. It was too late now.  Dashing to the door she grabbed her knapsack, and raced back grabbing the bag from the table, taking a final glance around.  Dashing back to the living room she grabbed her favorite book and the only picture of her family, dropping them into the bag as well.

“I am as ready as I will ever be I guess.” She tells him picking up the duffel bag from the table, turning to face him they are in a completely different room.  “Whoa… how…”

“This will be your space for the duration.  The thing has happened, there is no more time, then was the place.” his gravely voice rasps out.

“What am I…” she starts to ask.

“You will know, just follow the instructions.” He says and is gone.

“Oh yeah, just follow the instructions he says. As if that is some kind of answer. Nothing he has said has made sense thus far, outside of the four minutes to be ready.” She mumbles.  “Well, I guess now is the place, and some thing has happened, or something like that. I guess we just wait… and see what comes next.”

Well there you have it. A nonsense story, crafted for a bit of silliness and fun. What did that prompt bring to mind for you? Please share in the comments below. I love hearing from you! And if you haven’t seen them yet, please check out the anthologies I am published in, the MN Emerging Writers and the National Edition!


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