DFF: The Transcriber

I wanted to share another fun quick little piece I wrote with you. I have been trying to make up for the days I missed here and there when I have extra ideas.

Today’s Prompt: “You know what your problem is? You lack imagination.”   “Hardly… I created you, didn’t I?”

Today’s Story:

The Transcriber

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

There you were, arguing with your characters once again. The story is half way finished, and yet you find yourself wanting to go one way, while the characters demand another path. What you keep failing to remember is that it isn’t your story to tell, but theirs. You are just the conduit, to allow their story to be shared with the world.

“You know what your problem is? You lack imagination!” your main character, Claira scoffs at you.

“Hardly… I created you didn’t I?” you retort, feeling vindicated.

“Oh did you now. Did you forget the wellspring where all stories come from. That you are not the true creator, just the story teller. Allowing our worlds to shine in yours.  Our story is already known to us. It is you who is new to our world, not the other way around. So, sit back and let us tell the tale. You are only there to put it to paper so that others of your world can enjoy worlds that are not their own.” Claira scolds.  “Stop trying to be creative when you are so sadly lacking in imagination. Besides… you are only messing with the history of our lands.”

Taken aback, you can do nothing but gape at her. The gall of characters these days.  You long for the days before you understood where stories really came from. Yearning to believe that you are the creator of tales, rather than the transcriber.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that little insight into how writing works for me. What comes to mind when you read that prompt? Do you have a story to share? Please do in the comments!  I love hearing from you! And if you haven’t seen them yet, please check out the anthologies I am published in, the MN Emerging Writers and the National Edition!


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