DFF: The Best Part

Today’s is just a little on the dark and morbid side, but enjoyable to write all the same. I hope you enjoy.

Today’s Prompt:  I’ve always loved having the power to bring the dead back to life. I especially love standing over their graves and listening to them try to get out.

Today’s Story:

The Best Part
“The ad said that you have power over the dead? That you can bring them back for a time?  Is that really true?” The voice quivers over the phone line.
“Well, for the right reasons, and if the dead are… not too old. The older ones are harder. Oh, and if the price is right.” I respond, not really listening… looking through my desk, trying to find my favorite knife. I have a raising in twenty minutes and if I don’t get going I am going to be late.  But there is no way I can go without my knife, I need it for the blood letting.
“What do you mean? What is the right reason? I just need this to happen. My brother…” the voice trails off for a moment.
“Uh huh…” I respond, not really hearing what was just said, but knowing I need to say something in the silence.
“Are you even listening?! What kind of person are you?! I am trying to pay for your services, and you don’t even have the courtesy to listen to me?! Obviously you are not running a very legit business. It was hard enough to call you, and you don’t even seem to care!” The outraged voice comes back.
“I am sorry, it’s not that I don’t care, it is just that I am late for an appointment and I can’t find my blade. Why don’t you come in to the office and we can talk about what you need then? Make an appointment with my assistant…” I trail off, remembering my assistant quit three days ago, “on second thought, why don’t you just come by, we take walk-ins, tomorrow, say around 6? I have to work nights for this, so I don’t open my doors until after dinner.”
“Ummm… okaaay.” comes the delayed response.
“Look, I am sorry, but I really am late. My assistant quit three day’s back and I have not had a chance to replace him. Trying to juggle all the calls, and pull out all the fakes from the legit clients, along with meeting with people and actually doing the job is tough work.” I respond. “YES! Oh, sorry, I found my blade. Now I really have to run. Will I see you tomorrow?” I ask.
“Yes, I will be there.” was the terse reply.
“Thank you. Tata” I answer and flip my phone shut, tossing it on the passenger seat of my car.  Jumping in, I zip down the road, heading for the cemetery. Pulling to a stop, I jump out and walk over to greet my clients.  Oh goodie, now for my favorite part I think to myself.

Photo by Anton Darius | @theSollers on Unsplash

“Hi, sorry I am late, had a last minute call at the office. Are you ready?” I ask them, shaking hands.
“Let’s just get this over with. He was such a bastard in life, but I want to be sure he has really suffered.” comes the woman’s raspy response. Sounds like she has been crying.
“Are you sure you want to do this? We don’t have to. I am obligated to double check by law, that you want to inflict suffering to your deceased partner.” I ask, almost a little too gleefully, but then… this is why I do this job to begin with. I’ve always loved being able to bring the dead back to life. But absolutely nothing beats standing over their graves and listening to them try to get out.

There you have it, a little dark, even by my standards, but a nice twist of humor as well. I hope it was fun. What do you see when you read that prompt? Please share in the comments below!  And if you like what you see, there is more where that came from! I was published, so please consider supporting a starving artist, you can find my work here in the MN Emerging Writers and the National Edition!


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