DFF: You’ll See

So today’s orginal post seems to have gotten lost in the ether… So, let’s try this again! It is a short and sweet little piece.

Today’s Prompt: He looked at me. His hair was still a mess, and in the bright morning sunlight he looked more handsome and more human than I’d ever seen him. “I guess I’m asking you to trust me,” he said.

Today’s Story:

Photo by Dewang Gupta on Unsplash

You’ll See

Everything kept going wrong. I always thought if the Fae were involved, it meant things were supposed to go right, or at least as planned.  He looked at me, hair a mess, and yet somehow, in the bright morning sunlight he looked more handsome, more human than I had ever seen.

“I guess I’m asking you to trust me,” he said.  How could I do differently, and yet… how could I trust him. He was Fae, and things keep going wrong.  Then again… they can’t go wrong forever right.

“Against my better judgement…” I murmur quietly. Watching him, mesmerized. The play of sunlight across his disheveled hair, just begging me to touch it, to smooth it. Bring order to something that has never, nor will ever really know order.

He looks up at me, a sheepish grin peaking out, as his hair falls over his face. “I know things seem to be going wrong, but trust me… we are exactly where we need to be. You’ll see.”

What about you? How does this prompt speak to you?  What kind of nonhuman do you see in your mind’s eye?  Please share in the comments below!  If you like what you see here,  please check out the anthologies I am published in, the MN Emerging Writers and the National Edition!



4 thoughts on “DFF: You’ll See”

    1. OH MY HAWK!!!!!! I can’t believe I forgot to add the prompt! *laughs* thanks so much for making me aware! Although the image can also be used for those who prefer a picture prompt, I struggle to use a picture prompt myself… Anywho, I am updating it now with the actual prompt up there!

  1. When I think about this prompt, I don’t think of anything non-human. I’m thinking more about flaws that make someone “human,” get rid of the perceived perfectionism.

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