DFF: Dark Hope

Seems I have a thing for micro flash going on… but hey, sometimes shorter is better. There is a certain power to the words you use when you have limited amounts to work with.

Today’s Prompt: I just needed to borrow it for the night. Just one night, then everything would be back to normal.

Today’s Story:

Photo by Benjamin Balázs on Unsplash

Dark Hope

Everyone would be here in three hours. I knew that if I could just get them out of my life things would change.  Maybe if I didn’t have to face them all the time, didn’t have to remember… maybe then everything would be alright.  I stood, frozen in the kitchen, staring out the window, not sure what to do.  That is when I saw it, the neighbors ax. Just sitting there, outside his back door. I just needed to borrow it for the night. Just one night, then everything would be back to normal. I hoped.


This one was a fun little piece to write, and turned much darker than I anticipated!  What about you? What do you envision with this prompt? Is it dark? lighthearted? Please share in the comments below!  If you like what you find here, please check out the anthologies I am published in, the MN Emerging Writers and the National Edition!



2 thoughts on “DFF: Dark Hope”

  1. I liked this prompt. I thought about how dark it could be. I don’t know if it would be something that I would try.

    1. I don’t think it has to be dark. Lately though I’ve been on this kick it would seem. I’ve never really been the type to write such dark things. It has been a fun adventure though, just seeing where these pieces go, when given their freedom.

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