Letters of Questioning: Fickle Muse Will Return

So much to discus and inspire! Deep thoughts to be had or admired.  Here is the next installment of Letters of Questioning, my response to Dreamland’s Insurgents.

Dreamland’s Insurgents long live the Dream!,

I must say, I almost have to pity you, if you are finding my writing to be the highlight of humor in your reading list.  That said, I am ever so glad my twists and turns have delighted you.  My newer works, while still having that flair for the dramatic, and the twists you are coming to expect from me, seem to have a deeper undercurrent. I was even asked, after one such piece, if I needed a hug, seeing as its content was just a tish past twisted.

Speaking of punctuation, I must admit that many often criticize me in that regard. I am just a little too fond of… ellipses.  And maybe, just maybe, I like to add all the commas, even when they are not so necessary… Oi, and there I go, with a few to many of both.  But what are your thoughts? Punctuation is, I believe, one of the most undervalued tools in our tool belts as writers, and one that I think all too often, is overlooked.  Add to that, the right play on POV and I think they work flawlessly to really affect the readers’ emotional climate. So many stories are just written in some form of third person, and almost always have been through the fiction I have read, and yet, the writer has such power just by changing the POV.  Sprinkle in the right punctuation and you have a powerful duo!

As far as answering your questions about my fickle muses… Well, one never knows when or even where they might pop up!  And don’t even get me started on who they might be! Rest assured, however, you can be sure they will make more appearances. Just don’t count on them to be who you want, when you want, or where you want, because those bastards obviously have a mind of their own, and they are just powerful enough that I have no say in the matter. (But if you find some way to harness those guys, please, please, please let me know!)

“Shadow’s Savior” ahhhh that was a powerful piece. I find more and more, if you look deep in my writing, you will find there is a lot at work on those planes that I often don’t even realize.  Too often we are left cold, shaken, and alone, wondering what has happened to us, to our shadows, to the lives we meant to live.  I think I truly believe you are correct, that the struggle itself is the inspiration, or that “Bob Ross” look alike wouldn’t have been harvesting the writers’ tears!

Ultimately I can’t say that my own experiences with my muse are what inspired them, but I also can’t deny that my fickle muses are not exactly those tales, so take from that what you will! At the end of the day, all we can do is be a conduit to the life that haunts us, and the stories we are bound to tell.


As always I await your response,



As always, we love to hear from you! Our marvelous community! Would you like to be a part of the letters?  Hit us up!  Do you too have questions that are just burning to be answered?  Drop them in the comments below and they will make their way into our letters!


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