DFF: What Do You See?

Well, this is a little different… I have been having a lot of fun with different this year. Exploring new ideas, new possibilities. It is very enriching.

Today’s Prompt: Do you see me for me or the fantasy you want me to be?

Today’s Story:

What Do You See?

“Why can’t you just be there when I want you? Why do you have to come and go at your timing? Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe I have a life, and you complicate things?” I plead with the girl standing in front of me.

“What makes you think I don’t have a life too? It is not all sunshine and roses for me either you know. I have things I have to do, things I have to take care of. I don’t just wait around for you twenty-four seven. I do actually do things too. More than haunting you or whatever you think I do.” she says, rather indignant.

Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash

“I believe you may… but you also always seem to be where I am, there doesn’t seem to be much to keep you busy, and I can’t just keep going around talking to you like this, someone might see.”

“So what are you saying? Do you want me to go away forever? What do you want me to do? Why do you even care what other people think? You didn’t used to.  Why can’t you see me for me? Do you see me, or some fantasy that you want me to be?” She asks, quietly.

“See you for you? What are you even talking about? I am the ONLY one who can see you! We have talked about this though. When I moved, you were supposed to stay away. I have always seen you for who, for what you are! Fantasy! You ARE a fantasy… you are a ghost for crying out loud. Maybe it is you who can’t see that…” I trail off, feeling bad for her, she has been my closest confidant for years, and I have missed her.  But she is a ghost, a figment that no one else can see, and I can’t go through this all over again. The stares, the belief that I am crazy. That is why I came her to begin with. To get away from it all.  No… she IS the fantasy. This time… no matter how much I miss her, there has to be ground rules. This has to end. Now.

Well, that was not exactly what I had been going for, but I just rolled with where it took me.  What comes to mind when you read that prompt? Please share in the comments below!  And if you enjoy what you find here, please do check out the anthologies I am published in! The MN Emerging Writers and the National Edition!


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