DFF: Just for Me

Today I had a little fun playing on the idea of creation. Just how it turned out, even though it was not anywhere near what I was thinking when I picked todays prompt.

Today’s Prompt: He crouched low with his hands displayed in front of him and blew the shimmering powder into the wind.

Today’s Story:

Just For Me

Photo by Angelina Kichukova on Unsplash

Darkness was all the world knew. There was no passage of time, just the endless darkness. He moved through the darkness and thought, maybe there should be more than just this darkness, this nothingness, I want more. And with that there was a flash and the dawn of the first day bloomed around him. Huh… that is cool… but… still so much nothing, he thought, scratching his head. Putting his hands in front of him, he blew the shimmering powder into the nothingness. Everywhere it touched around him shapes took form. Now this is what I am talking about… he thought. A hammock popped into existence and he laid down. Snapping his finger and crackling fire breathed to life next to him. “This is the life” his musical voice danced music in the air as he put his hands behind his head to lay back and enjoy the new world he had created. “Tomorrow is another day, and I wont sully this beautiful creation like I have the last several. This one is just for me.”


Different from my normal fair… I really have to say I am enjoying seeing where they take me. It is a journey!  What about you? Where does this prompt take you?  Share please!  And if you like what you find here, help support a new author, pick up the anthology that has my story in it!  The MN Emerging Writers and the National Edition!



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