Letters of Questioning: Rules or Anarchy

Hey Dreamland’s Insurgents,

I honestly can’t say I have read Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style, I mean… you know me. I am all about tossing any and all rules out the window. They are not telling me what to do! I write however I want!

Speaking of writing how I want… we have to create our own rule. Because ~ there needs to be reasons to use ~ the tilde! And while we are on the topic of rules, you know… they are all made up anyway. I mean… just like words. They are all just a construct. And what is more, open to interpretation! Our perceptions shape how we perceive everything and how we understand anything.

I don’t think I have been lost in my stories, but instead drowning in edits and rewrites! With a submission deadline fast approaching I have had to put everything on hold, including writing new stories, to just get through these edits and rewrites! But I have to say, in the doing, I can see how much my writing has shifted! Things like, this flash fiction every day, I can already see how it is helping my writing improve. Writing is a practice and something you can learn, just like any other skill; but that is a rant for another day.

“Home” was actually written more as a joke for my husband. It is also the closest I have ever been to writing a fan fiction. It was inspired by our wedding vows, and a favorite series that we have both read. I am glad it allows you time to escape that academian pursuits you are locked in for the time being. As far as “Stimulus”, honestly… it was not even what I had planned to write. I was going to write something along the lines of a character going through a clinical trial that was a government conspiracy, but instead… instead something a lot more powerful and poignant came out, and I honestly think it is my favorite pieces to date. I don’t really think much about these pieces, I just look at the prompt and free-write and these pieces are usually start to finish written in around seven to maybe ten minutes.

Well, the edits are calling my name, but I will leave you with this… What of the rules? Are they actually important? Or should writing be a free for all, anarchy in the words?! Because me, personally ~ I lean towards anarchy and making my own rules!

Swimming madly for the surface,



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