Life: Healing? Maybe? I hope.

Hey all, just another really quick update!  I am hoping that I will be back starting Monday! My foot is trying to improve, turns out that I prolly managed to actually tear the ligament and sprain my foot, so the dislocation was just the very visible part of everything!

It is healing, and now it is just a billion shades of black and blue. The whole front half of my foot!  I am finally able to limp some, and am finally not trapped in bed all day every day, so yay!

Next up, keeping up with my Flash Fiction a Day challenge, and next month, next month is April and that means Camp NaNo! So hey… maybe I will dust off my stationary and see if I can send you letters from camp!  My goal for this camp I think will be to do 2 Flash Fictions a day, so that I can actually manage to end the year with the 365 Flash Fiction Stories that I am hoping for!

What about all of you?  Do you sometimes find it hard to dust yourself off as well?  Are you going to be participating in Camp NaNo?  Let me know! Let’s get through it together!


3 thoughts on “Life: Healing? Maybe? I hope.”

  1. I find it hard to dust myself off. I feel like I’ve been knocked down and have been questioned about why I’m writing. There are times where the answer isn’t always clear and I think I’m doing it for the wrong reasons. But it’s those times I have to take a step back and really reflect on why I decided to write.

    1. Taking time to take stock is important. It gives us clarity and helps us shape the direction of where we are going and what we want it to be.
      I don’t know that there are wrong reasons exactly, it’s more about knowing the why and being true to your reasons and your path. Owning it, and then building on that, rather than just stumbling through without a clue.

    2. You know, you have inspired me to pull out my own reasons for writing. For the journey that has gotten me here! I think it’s time to pause and reflect myself! Revisit and reshape my journey from where it has come from and the growth it has achieved!

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