DFF: Monster in the Shadows

I did two prompts today that were picked by those watching my Twitch livestream!  Feel free to join me there on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s to get in on a live writing workshop online!

Today’s Prompts:   The monster seemed content to sit in the bathtub, delicately pushing the rubber duck around in the water. They didn’t know what they had done to deserve such a weird horror-house, but, well, they kind of liked it.

They became a hero, despite everyone telling them they’d be a better villain and it was all thanks to spite.

Today’s Story:

Monster in the Shadows

Sometimes the challenges never cease to come flying at you, in my case it was more of a constant bombardment of always getting hurt. The latest string of injuries were knife wounds, but hey, at least I am a fast healer. I went out for some ice cream, sadly it melted long before I could make it home. Wren would be annoyed, but she could go for the ice cream next time.

I was just leaving the store when it happened. Three goblins were circling a girl, she had feathers for hair. Most walking by wouldn’t notice, but me, well I have always seen through illusions. Rather a pain most days. I am a big believer in live and let live, only the strong survive, but even I can’t walk away from a poor little girl.

“Hey, loosers” I growl quietly, “Why not pick on someone your own size.”

Almost in unison they swing around and look at me, the girl forgotten. The largest one running towards me.

Taking a deep breath, “let’s dance.” I pull out my silver blades, and spin taking out the first one before completing the movement. A rush fills me as the scent of blood fills the air.

The other two pause, taking me in. Sometimes my small size fools the enemy into thinking I am weak, but goblins… they see the world a little differently, which is why you always attack first and ask questions later. Otherwise you may not survive. They inch forward, trying to flank me, so they both can attack as one. That is the danger with goblins, they like to roam in packs. They are bullies through and through.

“What are you waiting for, friends? I don’t have all night.”

Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash

They snarl, and grab me from either side running, pulling me into the shadows. Great. Now I will be stuck here till Wren figures out what happened. We are no sooner in the Shadows and they have released me. Their laughter, if you can call it that, touching places in my mind, you don’t want them touching. But I have done this song and dance, I know what to do.

Moving forward with unearthly speed I launch my attack. Taking them out while they are still laughing. The smell of blood filling my senses. Ending them will assuredly mean that I will be stuck here, for a time, but thankfully my girlfriend will know how to get me out. Besides, she often roams the Shadows, one of the benefits to being a shifter, she was Shadows.

After a long, cold night, I wander the shadows, trying to find a good place to wait. It is late afternoon, I think, time is rather hard to know in the Shadows, when a voice speaks quietly from behind. I whirl around, knives raised.

“Easy, it’s just me, Ais.” Wren says. “Are you ready to go home?” She smiles at me.

“Yes! Sorry about the ice cream, but I couldn’t let that poor little swan maiden get beat up by a bunch of goblins.”

“Ever the hero.” Wren laughs, as she pulls me through the shadows onto our front porch.

Honestly, I never really wanted to be the hero, but sometimes it boils down to doing what you have to do. Besides, everyone always said I would make a better villain and I would not have others dictating what I would be come. After a hard day through the Shadow Lands, it was time for some well deserved rest. Not that I ever seem to manage to get rest. So there I sat, a monster, in a bathtub, pushing my rubber duckie around in the water.


It was a fun little piece. Trying to get back into the swing of my daily writing!  I hope you enjoyed it. What about you? What story do the prompts tell you?  Please share in the comments below.  And if you like what you find here, please check out the anthology’s I am published in! MN Emerging Writers and the National Edition!


2 thoughts on “DFF: Monster in the Shadows”

    1. I’m glad. Some of these just really come out of nowhere! I never know what is going to come next and in this case I even worked with prompts from those watching the stream and while sitting this I jumped around the story a bit because it came out tangled. Overall I really enjoyed it though.

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