Letters of Questioning:

Hey all, sorry about the missed week and thank you for hanging with me!  Here is this week’s guest letter from Dreamland!

My dear Ravyn,

Please accept my long silence. I’ve had to pick up a second job, as you know, because teaching and writing do not pay much. They apparently aren’t seen as “contributing” to the “economy” in any productive (read: capitalist) way. So it goes, as Kurt Vonnegut once said.

Yeah, you know, when push comes to shove, there’s no such things as “rules” or “law” or even really “words.” They’re all just words. Arbitrary sounds tied to indifferent things. Our associations with them are historical and change over time. What does that mean for writing? I dunno! But I think it means you can just start ~ using the tilde and see what people make of it in ten, fifteen, twenty years. Ha~!

I am impressed with your edits, my friend. You did a lot in a short span of time. Your writing has improved immensely, too. I remember, maybe now ages and lifetimes ago, but really just five or six years, working together on Nanowrimo for the first time. (Well, my first time.) I was impressed then what you could do in just a month! And now look at what you have produced in just over a week or two! Indeed, I’ve watched you grow with steady practice.

So tell me about your latest pieces, and your plans for the future! We’ve had some good conversations outside the letters about mobile workshops and whatnot, but I’ve been so swamped … I want to hear that beautiful dream again.

In closing today – as the capitalist market beckons my undercompensated labor – I leave you with a koan:

Language is a peace treaty and a declaration of war.

The nice thing about koans is you don’t have to write an academic article defending them! There’s some anarchy for you~

The raft is not the shore,

*~*Dreamland’s Insurgents*~*


What do you think of language and the rules of writing? Are they there for a reason or should they be abandoned?  What would you like to know about writing, what are your burning questions? We are ever on the quest, please share your thoughts as we love to hear from you!


3 thoughts on “Letters of Questioning:”

  1. Language and the rules of writing change. What was once true, may become false and vice versa. But the fact of change is not an excuse to remain ignorant of the rules. Context matters. The rules of the time and place matter to those who live in it.

    1. I would answer with, sometimes it is not about ignorance though. Sometimes it is about being the start of something. Being the reason those rules would change.

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