DFF: Forgotten Library

I have to say… yet again, I know, but this is my favorite piece to date! I really love how this one turned out!  I crafted this prompt myself, so I hope you enjoy!

Today’s Prompt:  A forgotten library, littered with the powerful magic in words.

Today’s Story:

Photo by Jaredd Craig on Unsplash

Forgotten Library

Slowly creeping down the dark hallway, you can’t help but feel like it will never end. Closing your eyes and taking a deep breath you smell it. Hundreds of old books, their musty scent flooding and filling your senses. Slowly opening your eyes there is a room before you, a room that you have never seen the likes of before. It glows, a gentle light shining from the books before you, with no need for an external light.

Taking a step into the room, the awe floods through you as you slowly turn taking it all in. A forgotten library. One that came to you in your deepest hour of need. As you make your way towards a bookstand, where a book rests, the pages ruffling as you get nearer.

You look closely as the pages settle, and gasp. There waiting for you in this forgotten library, littered with the powerful magic in words lies the answer everyone has been searching for. Now the only question left is… what are you going to do with the knowledge?


What do you think? Did you enjoy the tale? What do you think should happen next? What story does the prompt tell you? Please, share your thoughts in the comments below.  And if you like what you find here, I am published! You can find more of my tales in these anthologies, MN Emerging Writers and the National Edition!


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