DFF: Friendly Neighborhood Muse

I thought I would shoot for another piece in the muse set… I am not fully happy with this one as of yet, but… it is a start.

Today’s Prompt:  Mr Roger’s   – new neighbors  –  Muse Series

Today’s Story:

Friendly Neighborhood Muse

Why doesn’t anything ever happen here? I mean… there is just nothing to inspire me.  Same things happening, day after day. Same hum drum routine. Hearing the sound of a door opening and closing, I spin, but there is no one at my door. What is going on?

“Well hello there.  I can’t help but feel like maybe you are taking for granted all the relationships passing you by.” A friendly voice says from my couch.

Photo by Christian Stahl on Unsplash

Looking to my couch I am taken aback… what in the world, why… no, how in the world is Mr Roger’s sitting on my sofa! There is something eerie about his presence.  Why would a childhood tv entity be in my house talking to me?

“I am here because you are failing to realize how much inspiration is all around you!” He says, a smile on his face.  “Take for instance your neighbors. You have a few… the ones to the North, you are always griping about. How they are doing crazy things like shooting some kind of guns, and selling drugs, or at least, that is what must be going on with all the comings and goings, and then there is the garbage and random people who seem to just camp out in the back yard.  How is that not inspiration for a story? It must be worthy of some snippets I am sure!  There there was the time the garbage guy came flying down the alley, the wrong way, stopping there, for just a moment before running off again, and it wasn’t even garbage day!  Or what about the guy to the East… the one with the revolving vehicles? He has more vehicles than one can keep up with, and somehow he uses them all on a daily basis. Maybe renting them out… who knows the possibilities are endless.  Look around you, at the every day… at the day to day things that you are taking for granted and you will see. Inspiration awaits everywhere.”

As he finished speaking he was fading away like he was never there.

“Wait…” I can’t think of anything… it was all too surreal.

“Remember… won’t you be… my neighbor?” his words fading away a whisper of a sound.  It was as if he was never there.

Shaking my head I look back at my screen and the words that flowed out.  Well… I’ll be. Seems I may have a friendly neighborhood muse after all. I think, as I take the time to start reading.

Well, I know, it is maybe not as funny as my first couple muse pieces, but it is a start!  What about you? What kind of muse do you see Mr Roger’s being?  Please share in the comments!  And, if you like what you find, I am published and you can find my work in the anthologies MN Emerging Writers and the National Edition!


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