What’s To Come

So I thought that I would  take a few moments and share with you some of my up and coming projects!  I have already shared that this year I was not really going to take on a new novel, instead I would be tackling drafting 365 new flash fiction pieces. One for every day this year!

Photo by Cynthia del Río on Unsplash

But I have some other goals, and with Camp NaNo coming up in April, I thought it was a perfect time to tackle one of those goals! And the really great thing, it goes along with my Flash Fiction challenge.  I am going to be working on my cookbook!  I have not talked a lot about the year plus I have been absent here, but during that time I learned I had Celiacs Disease. It has been a rather big learning curve, learning how to prepare foods, how to cook, and taking so many things I used to eat out of my diet. On the cool side… I have learned there are foods I actually like!  But.. being the kind of person who wants to turn things into blessings, I have been trying to find a way to enjoy cooking.  In that endeavor, well… I have started creating my own recipes!  So I had an idea… something different than I have seen before, a cookbook that is also a fun fiction anthology!  So the idea of my cookbook was born. So Camp NaNo is dedicated to drafting the first draft that I am hoping will be useable by November! Here’s to hoping!

Along with that, I am actually hoping to see Mo Thuras be considered a “finished draft” by the end of the year!  Because I need to start finishing my writing! Having pieces published I would like to keep that momentum going and that means actually having pieces finished.

Those are the big ones for now… as the year progresses that may change, but I am really excited to get rolling on the Cookbook!  What about you? Do you ever take the time to take stock of where you are and the goals you have and see where you are going? What are your current goals? Do you think you are on track to meet them?


9 thoughts on “What’s To Come”

  1. I find reflecting on goals to be motivating and I need a little motivation right now as I received a rejection letter from Clarion West. My goals: get my flash fiction story reviewed by my critique group then submit it, finish current revision of novel then start looking for agent/publisher, find a submission target for another 8000 word short story that is ready. Good luck with your goals! Keep writing.

    1. Rejection letters are a bummer, but they also mean you’re trying! So keep up the good work! And maybe you need to try subbing it somewhere else. Good luck to you as well! I may make the goals thing a monthly thing so that we can all compare notes.

    2. Thanks Ravyn for support appreciate it

      So why do you write ? for yourself or others

      When you see the hand meets the paper and words that transpire with heartbeat of the quill so. They become as one its like seeing reflection of yourself and most intimate thoughts every quake , pulse of your desires comes alive .

      Well done never be afraid to let raw compassion to be one with the quill together as a complete entity they tell epic journey .


      A P E X

      1. I write because there are stories that yearn to be shared and I am open to allow the characters stories be expressed through me.
        Writing very often is a deeper expression that shows who we are. I see that every time I pick up a book and read.
        I think the best thing we can do is live out truth, and help others live their truth. I try to live by that every day.
        Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to share your thoughts! I hope we see you back!

      2. Anytime I write for me to express myself and the storms in life that brew within trying to rip into shattered pieces . The meaning of true leader is helping others overcome their adversity while dealing with your own tormenting shit .




  2. Sorry for initially responding to the wrong post. 😅 The idea of a fiction combo with a cookbook sounds a ton of fun, any particular theme for the fiction?

      1. Just working on it has been getting me more excited about this project! Because I am starting to see it in my head! I love when it starts taking real shape in the mind!

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