LoQ: Remember Our Roots

Coming at you with this week’s installment of Letters of Questioning:


Fireside Writing Dreamland’s Insurgents,

Sometimes I think it is as simple as letting everything go and letting those few scant words grow! Give them room to take root, a bit of sun and they will blossom before your very eyes! A little water and care and you will have that thing finished in no time! I have faith in that.

Your talk of Homer and his ~long~ tale, and how we have moved his place in our lives brings to mind fairy tales. They too have been adapted to our modern times. Not only are there the original cautionary tales, but they have been formatted for our children, seeing as many thing the originals are too gruesome.  What is more, we even see retellings as complete novels and books, not only for young adults, but also in formats just for adults!  Talk about something that withstands the test of time!

Hmmm… I think we need to learn more of this Egyptian god! There is something powerful in remembering of tales. They were originally created that way on purpose.  Our modern times… where one no longer even remembers a phone number could learn a thing or two from those old forgotten times! I am not one to say we should bring them back, and yet… I also feel that we have lost something very valuable, and it would be worth bringing to mind.

I recently learned of this place, I think it is in Germany where they are building this monastery the old way! And I mean old! It is all being done by tools they make by hand, using a beautiful old blueprint that is the oldest known blueprint.  They are taking the time to bring these lost arts back! Maybe it is something that is up to us… maybe we too should be bringing back some of these lost arts of storytelling?  We talk of Writing Posse, of building something bigger, something lasting that we really believe in. What if it were something more than a network? What if it were a school, a place to bring back the forgotten arts? Food for thought…

Seasons don’t really change… it is more of a cycle, just like empires and culture. It all moves in this massive cycle, bringing us what we need when we need it, even if sometimes we don’t think it is what we want. But you are right, we do need the old ways, maybe not exclusively, for there are many things we have created that are for the better, that help build doorways that we never would have dreamed possible. Connecting to others who can help build even more! And yet… we can’t forget those roots!

I am pretty sure madness reigns, but no worries, we are all mad here! As you know, I am all about venturing into the unknown, charting a course, unveiling those things lost, forgotten, and the things we could only ever dream of. But that is part of the beauty of writing, of books! They give us that!

Ahhh yes, Gilgamesh… and yet, would one really want that everlasting life? To watch everything you love fade away? I think we do the opposite because maybe things are not what we need? Fairy tales have taught us that, have they not? But… the sheet that covers the mysteries are part of the adventure! Good, bad, does it really matter, so long as we are experiencing something? Always moving forward! I hope your nap was good, it was well deserved, I am sure, but now… now I say this, How do we move forward?! How do we build that empire?! How do we bring back what was lost? And what exactly should be brought back?

Venturing ever forth,



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