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Letters from Camp: Truth & Forgiveness


So today at camp, and across the world is Tell the Truth Day and Global Forgiveness Day!  The two couldn’t go more hand in hand.  Seeing as I can not lie today, (not that I ever do, scouts honor!) I will admit that I did not write at all yesterday! But that is not to say I have not worked hard on Mo Thuras! I did some important reading, and I also managed a bit of brainstorming and feel like I am “in” my novel once more! So in honor of Forgiveness Day, I am going to forgive myself for not having written all weekend, and yet today.  I am going to brush myself off and get back to work tomorrow!

As an added bonus, what if one of your characters could not lie?  Or maybe they have a whole day, or week, or month that they have to tell the absolute truth! What would that do for your story? For the character?  What about a character that always lies!  Or one who never forgives anyone?  Some food for thought! I look forward to hearing if any of that appears in your camp novel!


The Texture of Hope

Lately I have really been delving deeply into what words mean to me. Looking at my inner self and seeing what it is that moves me, drives me forward. Well, today while surfing the web I stumbled upon this writing prompt and I loved the idea and thought to share with you my answer. The prompt was this: What is the texture of Hope? I now have a passion and want to explore some of the words I have already very recently looked at, and keep up with my inner explorations. In the meantime, here is my answer:

from somewhere on the interwebs

Hope holds a texture all its own. It is the texture of the softest blanket and the roughest sandpaper. Soft because hope gives so much to the heart and mind. It creates the idea of so much more. Rough because, the road following hope is often filled with bumps. You fall, you get drug along the way, and yet with hope you keep moving forward.
Hope, to me, is about achieving the end goal. It is about the possibilities that live in every experience, every idea and every dream. The dictionary tells us that hope is: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. But it is really so much more than that. It is a belief, a belief that things really can be more than they seem. That no matter the odds dreams, ideas, goals, that they can still be achieved.


What about you? What texture does hope hold for you? What does the word symbolize and mean when you think about it, feel it, and experience it? I would love to hear about it!

Writing Prompt: Childhood Memory

So the challenge was simple… to get the juices flowing we were to write on this topic:

“Describe the clearest, most vivid memory you had as a child—a moment that has stayed with you your whole life.”

As I really don’t have many childhood memories, and one of my all time favorite memories was shopping for my senior prom dress here is my tale:

Senior Prom Dress Shopping

It was a shopping trip, a very special one. It was senior prom… I remember like it was yesterday, the trip to Fargo… exploring the mall and all the dresses that I could imagine. They were in every color. My favorite one… it was all the colors of the rainbow. Tulle. Puffy. I HAD to have it… tried it on, but grams… she said, “oh you don’t want that. It’s too puffy. Too many colors. Do you want other girls to laugh at you?” It shaped the rest of my day. Now how could I ever pick the ones that were wild and fae like me?!? None of the other dresses were as pretty to me. They didn’t suit my uniqueness… but then grams, she was a sedate person. Not wanting to be different or stand out.

Yes this is 'The Dress' no it isn't prom, it is a year or so ago...
Yes this is ‘The Dress’ no it isn’t prom, it is a year or so ago… I modeled for my wife’s photography class.

Then, there we were, I have no idea of the store, but the dress… it was perfect!! It still had the puffy skirt that I loved so much, but it was simple!  White elegance with cascading black velvet roses, falling down the skirt. Grams would HAVE to like that right?!? So back to the fitting room I go, it fits beautifully! She has to like this one! what does she say? (I don’t really remember but it could have been along these lines) “what are you going to wear with it? it is spaghetti strap. Looks nice enough if you find something to go with it.” I feel my heart start to sink, there is no way we will ever agree on a dress.  (In all honesty I think she liked the simple elegance of this dress.  Especially after the rather outrageously,  hmm flamboyant?  dresses I had been picking.)  But after I come out we look at the price… I think it was prolly somewhere around one hundred dollars, I can’t believe it, that is rather a lot. She tells me I will have to ask gramps.  How will I ever get this dress, it is the only other dress I have seen that I liked… and grams wasn’t totally against it. It was right around then when gramps finds us. I go back to try it on, again. Palms sweaty, completely nervous. If I can convince gramps I know that dress is mine. I come back out and show him. Watching him… awaiting his judgement and simple little words come out… “why haven’t you gotten it yet? It is beautiful on you” “well gramps, its kinda spendy” I tell him worriedly. I couldn’t tell you what he said then, other than he wanted me to get it, that it looked wonderful on me. I had succeeded… but what was even better… as I moved back to the dressing room to slip out of the dress soon to become mine, for the first time in my life gramps had said I was beautiful! There was something good about me after all. I have never, in all my years since had him compliment me like that… but that one day… that day I hold in my memory as the most precious. That was the first day I knew that he noticed me, that I mattered.


This is the memory of the teen that I was.  Mind you, being raised by your grandparents is a different experience, especially when it comes to things like dating and dress shopping…  Also note that I would not be the person I am today without them *grins* I love them both very much!


I hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse into my youth.  What about you?  What are your stories?  Do you have a childhood memory that will also be with you?  What is your prom dress moment?  Please take a moment and join me down memory lane!  I would love to hear your stories…