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little bits of song fictions I have attempted. It is taking a song and writing a story from the lyrics or the feelings the song brings out.

DFF: Dreams Come True

Every once in a while, you jump into writing and you just hit that groove. I just love when that happens, don’t you?  Well… that was the case here… It plays on the Wish Upon a Star Disney song, which was not what I was planning when I got started, but I love how it turned out.

Today’s Prompt: I wished on a star once and it came true… I’ve spent the rest of my life being careful never to wish again.

Today’s Story:

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

Dreams Come True

They say to be careful what you wish for… There is more to it than that.  Once, long ago… when I was a young boy around your very age, I wished on a star, and it came true. You are supposed to be joyous for that, right?  Well, I’ve spent the rest of my life being careful to never wish again… For any reason.

I know, you want to know what I wished for, but that is not what matters here. What matters is that you need to be aware that our family is cursed.  Some like to say it is a gift, but… I ask you, is it? Is something that powerful really a gift?  The real struggle is that, well… most often it does not turn out like you would hope, and that my dear boy, is the whole reason I am telling you this.  Once wished for, there is no taking it back… something as simple as wishing your sister was never born… well… you never get over that. Everyone else does, as they do not remember… I am getting away from myself here. Always remember, that when you wish upon a star, it does in fact matter, who you are, because fate steps in, and she is not kind, you dreams really will… come true.

It ended somewhat dark, and I think that may be what I liked most about it, but I hope you enjoyed.  What about you?  What vision does this prompt conjure up? Please share in the comments below! I love hearing from you! And if you haven’t seen them yet, please check out the anthologies I am published in, the MN Emerging Writers and the National Edition!


What Might Have Been song fic

This is the song fiction I created based on some feelings from the song “What Might Have Been” by Little Texas.  The following is the lyrics in bold and my writing within it.

New Roads

Sure I think about you now and then But it’s been a long, long time I’ve got a good life now, and I’ve moved on

It used to be every waking moment.  He was in my mind, my heart.  He was me.  There was a time when that was all that was needed.  Time has moved by.  Life has changed me.  I have started to see my own way in life, follow my own path.

So when you cross my mind…  I try not to think about what might have been Cause that was then And we have taken different roads

There is more to life than what used to be.  Who I am is changed.  The person who was is no more, in her place stands another, equally great.  No need for what ifs, no need for what could be.  New paths have fallen before me, forging a new trail.

We can’t go back again  There’s no use givin in And theres no way to know What might have been

No reason to relive old times.  Our lives are different now.  Things have changed and moved on.  Never will time go back to how things were.  There is no window to the past, and no reason to try.

We can sit and talk about this all night long  And wonder why we didn’t last  Yes, they might be the best days we will ever know  But we’ll have to leave them in the past…

Time has come to move on.  Not sit and dwell on why things have changed.  Times were great, take from that what it gave us.  Give new life to what we have now!  Create a new page in life, forge a new road.

So try not to think about what might have been  Cause that was then  And we have taken different roads

New roads stand before me each and every day.  Follow new turns and climb new mountains.  See things from a different place every season!

We can’t go back again  There’s no use givin in   And theres no way to know   What might have been

Every day a new surprise.  A new valley to find.  Why stay in the hills of the past, move forward.  Don’t look back, someone new arises in you each day!

That same old look in your eyes  It’s a beautiful night, I’m so tempted to stay  But too much time has gone by  We should just say good bye, and turn and walk away…

You appear the same to me.  It is easy to stay.  To pretend nothing has changed.  But things are different, in us both.  Really we should not be who we were, when we are someone new.  Temptations are great, to be something of old, something I know.  But the real journey lies in finding a new way… Saying goodbye

And try not to think about what might have been

Cause that was then

And we have taken different roads

We can’t go back again

There’s no use givin in

And theres no way to know

What might have been

No we’ll never know, what might have been