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Even More Published

Well, it is official! I am even more published than before! Today, well technically yesterday, the four short fiction pieces I worked so hard to polish and were accepted have been published in their genre based fictions! So, I am very excited to share the books with you! If you are interested and you purchase using my links, I do get a small kick back. They do not pay us for the stories, but they do offer us an affiliate program, and help us get published in today’s world!  So without further ado, here are the four books that were published today!



America’s Emerging Science Fiction Writers: Midwest Region with 14 up-and-coming writers representing five states across the Midwest (IL, IN, IA, MN, and WI) share their short science fiction stories.



America’s Emerging Horror Writers: Midwest Region with 17 up-and-coming writers representing five states across the Midwest (IL, IN, IA, MN, and WI) share their short horror stories.  I have never written horror before, so I am actually really excited that this piece was selected!



America’s Emerging Fantasy Writers: Midwest Region with 16 up-and-coming writers representing five states across the Midwest (IL, IN, IA, MN, and WI) share their short fantasy stories.




America’s Emerging Literary Fiction Writers: Minnesota and Wisconsin with 17 up-and-coming writers representing the great states of Minnesota and Wisconsin share their short fiction stories. This one has a piece that many consider my best piece, and it is the piece I dislike the most (yeah even if it is the best piece I have ever written, lol)


The most exciting thing about all of this is that it shows my writing speaks for itself across many genres!!! So, anyway, there you have it. I will even leave you with the previous piece that was published twice, because hey… four may not be enough books for you!


The first piece I ever managed to get published: Minnesota’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction Covering a wide array of genres ranging from literary fiction to satire, mystery, comedy, science fiction, and more, these young talents will amaze you.


And because it was so well received they wanted to put it in their national edition: America’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction (Volume One) 127 of our favorite up-and-coming writers (representing all 50 states) join together to share their words. Covering a wide array of genres ranging from satire, mystery, comedy, literary fiction and more, these young talents will amaze you.


Well, I hope you take a little time to check out these amazing anthologies! And please, feel free to share your thoughts! I am so excited to be officially published! And hey… I am traditionally published, how cool is that?!  I hope you enjoy!


Exciting News: Upcoming Release Date!

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Everyone, I am so excited! I have been given a release date for the anthologies I am in!

April 14th they are going to be available for purchase!

So that means that you should get ready for the great stories you can pick up! I am in three seperate anthologies this time around! There is Tattoos & Knitting in the Literary Fiction anthology.  I have two in the scifi/fantasy edition, Stimulus for the scifi piece and Home for the fantasy piece.  Lastly I have Running Late in the horror edition!

I hope that you will be able to enjoy these reads as well! As soon as I have links for purchase I will share them with you, but I had to share the wonderful news that there would be more published works that you could pick up!

I also wanted to say that I am sorry for not posting daily, it is Camp NaNo and I am focusing my attention on the cookbook I am working through. I would share that with you, but I kind of would like to keep it under wraps until it is further along.

I will post some more updates soon!  And you will still continue to receive Letters of Questioning and I may also find some time for letters or at the least postcards from Camp!

Officially Published!

Hello world!  I am finally back!  I know, it was a long absence, even for me.  But I have spent the time learning how to live with Celiacs, and a new way to eat!  I have also been focusing more on my writing and it has paid off in an amazing and big way!  I am officially published!  A month or two ago I was published in an anthology for Emerging MN Authors, and then… they contacted me and said, we would like your piece for our National Edition which came out today!  Can you believe it?!?



So, for any of you who are interested, please take a look!  This is the National Edition, I am in Volume One.  Here is a direct link, and I do get a small kick back if you purchase from my link.  That is how they reward their writers.







And if you are a die hard fan, I also was published in the Minnesota Emerging Writers first, and you can find a copy of that here!



Thank you all for your support!