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That Like Button

Has Facebook ruined social media of any form? I have a blog to interact with people… Yet no matter what I try to interact with my readers, it would seem that even here, a place full of writers, we don’t take the time to comment… Instead we just click on the little like button…  It makes me wonder about other things as well. I recently watched a video online that I really thought was very inspiring and thought provoking… I will share it with you here:


So what do you think? Do we spend too much time on our electronics?  Do we spend all our time with short cuts, not writing things out?  Looking at posts and thinking TLDR?  What are your thoughts?


A bit of Inspiration

So, I have managed to fall a few days behind on my writing, but today that is not what I want to share with you.  Instead, I want to share my day’s distraction.  A video that speaks to the deepest parts of our selves.

This is a big part of why I write in the New Adult genre.  The exploration of identity, of why we are who we are, of trying despite the odds stacked against us… it is powerful!


What do you think?  What goes through your mind when watching this video?  What emotions does it evoke?

Inspiration: Picture ‘N Poem

Reflection ~ Lunasa Photography

On The Water

The last light of day,
the first rays of dawn,
show the rivers of flame
dancing on the waters!
Tempting you deeper,
Look inside
bathe your soul and heart,
find your desire!
Fulfilled by a promise,
the elements merge
Guiding you onward,
cleansing your spirit!
By: White Raven, 9.23.2013

A special thank you to Lunasa Photography for the use of her inspiring image!  Please, take a moment to click the photo and check out many other wonderful works by Lunasa Photography!

Share your thoughts and feelings inspired by this beautiful image, or even the poem.  Or better yet, share a bit of writing of your own inspired by the picture!

Renewing Yet Again: Achieving Goals

It seems to me that life always has this way of taking over, or maybe I just let it, who really knows. What I do know is that all I can do is continue to try and in that vein I am back again, maybe? hopefully? something.
Dreams, goals, all those things we want to achieve, sometimes life knocks them back and that is what happened. I often talk of NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNo, well I participated in the last Camp NaNo, and I even achieved my goal word count, that I had to keep lowering, until I had it at its lowest. I was somewhat disappointed in myself. He I went from regularly getting at minimum 50k words a month to just barely scratching 10k!
I spent part of that looking at what it was. Was it the genre of the story I was trying to write, I shifted it, nope didn’t help. Was it that I didn’t feel the idea, well, I really love it and think it has potential, so no it couldn’t be that either… In the end, I think it boiled down to being burned out. From so much in my life, from writing all the time and really pushing (which is how I really feel one achieves their goals), and just trying too hard. The last piece I wrote before I was so proud of, felt it was my best ever piece of writing to date, I just couldn’t compare to it, so in the end, I stepped back. I let life happen for a little while, I recharged.
Let’s fast forward to now… Knowing the only way to achieve my goals is to fight for them, I am back, more refreshed (I hope, *grins*), and ready to take up the gauntlet once more.

All that said and out there, I have been trying something new. I have been playing a video game *gasp* I know, shocking for me too! The game is League of Legends, and to be honest I suck! But, it has been a fun new learning experience. In trying to get better a friend directed me to a really great youtuber, and one of his video’s really hit me. There is much encouragement to be had in this world, and no matter your dreams; to be a writer, a gamer, photographer, or whatever they are you can take something from those around you! So I will leave you with this wonderfully inspiring video, and I hope it gives you that little spark that it gave to me!

Weekly Inspiration: Zach Sobiech

I know many of seen this… but this young man is beyond inspiring and I couldn’t not share his tale!  It reminds me so much of B and the way she choose to live her life and deal with her cancer.


There just are no words for the incredible person this young man was.  I hope he was able to inspire you to live… Life is short and precious.  This week is the five month anniversary to my wifes death.  People like them can inspire us to live!

Weekly Inspiration: Neil Gaiman

I don’t know about you… but one of my favorite authors, one who really touches me and inspires me as an individual is Neil Gaiman.  I think because to me, he is real.  So many of the writers we know and love… they are “out of reach” whereas, he doesn’t seem to be.  He ‘gets involved’.   So today I want to share with you a video, one where he is talking to a graduating class.  It is a little longer than my usual, but I hope you enjoy!


So?  What did you think?  Did his words inspire you?  What touched your heart and mind this week?  If you were to share something most inspiring to you, what would it be?

Weekly Inspiration: Novels

Todays bit of inspiration is from a picture I stumbled upon on Facebook.  As writers, our novels are so much more than just words on a page.  They are the very essence of who we are!  This was just so fitting that I knew the moment I seen it that I had to share it with all of you!


What about you?  Does the words resonate in you?  Do you also find it to be true in your writing, that the words on the page are so much more than just words, but your very essence?  Your heart and soul?