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A Camp NaNo Project: Confictionary Tales

So, I thought, since there was interest, I would share with you the summary for Confictionary Tales. I am very excited with the shape this project is taking.  Now I just have to figure out how to make it work. I am finally starting to see it take shape in my minds eye, though, and that is very exciting!  So, here is the summary in all it’s raw glory. I hope you enjoy!

Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash

Confictionary Tales Summary

In a time that has changed the very words they use, not to mention the changes that have come to those who have survived, food is not as it once was, and flavors have melded together, not to mention food is not called by the same names anymore.

This means that our hopeful untried chef must brave failures on their own, without grandmother’s pages to guide. What few pages are left, are using antiquated names that are hard to understand and figure out, the language lost.

Knowing that if they are ever to create a name for themselves they must first figure out the lost recipes from grandmothers book, they set out to explore and create. One page, one recipe at a time, they hone their skills.

With both failures and great successes, they find their way to crafting the family heritage. Food that both sustains and heals. Food that expresses the joys of family and the test of time.

There are many ideas on this taking shape, but I am still working through the details!  What do you think? Does this sound like a cookbook and tale you would enjoy? What do you think would make it better? How do you see it working best?  Please share in the comments below!


Mary Poppins!

So, I have been dying to share with you the amazing performance I went to!!!  In Fargo they have this performing arts school, and the high schoolers did Mary Poppins and boy did they ever do the most amazing job ever!!!

Here are some fun pics I took with my phone from the show!

The two amazingly beautiful people I went to see the show with! Love you guys!
The theatre
Third row seats!!! What’s better, there was a translator signing right there!!! (And let me tell ya, you have not seen anything until you have seen someone try to translate the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! While they are singing and sing spelling it, very fast!)
At the park.
Word seller! (I think this was one of my favorite parts. It is not something you find in the movie adaptation)
Of course it wouldn’t be Mary Poppins without the chim chiminy song, now would it?!?
the hiring of the new, and evil old nanny. (it was their father’s old nanny! And it explains soooo very much! *laughs*)
Mary Poppins getting rid of the evil nanny!
When the toys come to life!
Let’s go fly a kite!
Farewell Mary Poppins! You will ever live on in our hearts!
the cast and crew, well, what I could get a picture of! There were many of them, all in high school. They did such an incredible job!

Letters From Camp: Another Day


Wow, I can’t believe it!  Another day of camp has come and gone.  I am really having a great time!  Frolicking with all sorts of magical creatures! I didn’t know there were so many different types of unicorns!  And don’t get me started on mermaids!  It is a shame you couldn’t join me at camp this year, I am really missing your company!  Ah well, there is always next year!

Say, did you know that I did not do a single drop of writing yesterday?!?  Nope, not one.  I know… it is sad really.  Ok, the truth of the matter is, I did a ton of writing, but not a single word on Mo Thuras.  But not to worry, I am still enjoying camp and I am still ahead of schedule!  I will get back with the program today I promise.  It was the mermaids fault!  No really! They distracted me with all the frolicking today and then when the unicorns joined in the fray how was I suppose to not join in! I mean honestly.

You know that you totally would have joined in the fun too!  Besides, there was a full moon last night.  I couldn’t help but run and play.  Well I am sure that at some point today I will forge on ahead. After all my distractions I am bound to have new and fun creative ideas.  In fact I already had one! I know the next thing I am going to write. It is not story exactly.  No, it is instead Lana’s diary!  You know, we all need for Melody to have something right! I was delighted how she told me tonight that she has her máthair’s diary!  So I am sure not only will there be glimpses of her reading that through the novel, learning more of her history, the truth she so desperately is searching for, and yet more questions.  And maybe, just maybe the help to the ultimate answer she will figure out to “save the world”. *laughs* Or whatever it is she is supposed to do through this journey called life!

Word Count:  0 words
Scene:  obviously none
Time Spent:  again obviously none

Well, I have to say, it is getting late, and I want this posted early in the morning.  I hope to hear from you soon!  Please, tell me your adventures? What have you been doing? Is there distractions for you as well?

Letters From Camp: Second Day of camp!


So, I have to say, I had a terrible mix up and the holidays I posted for yesterday are in fact today… I guess I Forgot to double check!!!  *grins* Oh well, happens to the best of us I am sure!

After a fun filled day of writing, ok, I lie… I totally didn’t really write much today, I did finally manage to write a scene that I have been putting off since I first started writing this story. A scene that I didn’t think I could write, but you know what? I did and it actually turned out pretty good!  I am sorry, but you will have to take my word for it, because sadly it is too much of a spoiler for me to share here!  But, there might just be something I can share with you, I mean… you are the ones who shooed me off to camp right?

So here it is for your reading pleasure, a small teaser from Mo Thuras:

    Walking over to the window to the Docking Bay Office I murmur to the clerk, “Melody Joy, docking Mo Thuras on Bay Seven.”
Something flashes in his eyes, mixed with the startled expression that moves across his face, too quick for me to figure out what it was. I just know it was there. Some thought he did not want me to know, moving behind his eyes. Taking obvious care to neutralize whatever he was thinking he speaks up. “Melody, it has been a while. Your papers are all in order, how long you plan to stay in port?” He asks me, his voice reverberating slightly through the large station.
I wince; sure everyone in the station heard my name. The young man is familiar to me, but does not seem to be jumping to the fore. While I am sure we went to school together, his name eludes me at the moment. “Not long, only a few days. I am swinging through to see my parents. Time to share the successes of my first journey out. It will be nice to see them, not to mention see some familiar surroundings. Space outside of the contained and confined spaces of my ship.” I grin at him. “Have to get back out there though. As Da says, ‘being in port doesn’t make money, doesn’t pay the bills’,” I finish with his favorite saying.
“Have a safe time in port.” It looks as if there is something else he would like to say… some other thoughts rolling through his mind. Peeking out through his eyes, teasing me with more questions. It is as if, not knowing what to say, he just gives the standard port farewell, instead of giving voice to what he is feeling.
   Looking at him curiously, I open my mouth to ask him what it is when Kieran bounds over to me and pounces. Sending me tumbling, making me laugh. Forgetting all about it, I get up, dust myself off and pick up my gear. Taking a deep breath the smell of familiarity surrounds me; it is the smell of home. I have found each port to have its own unique smell that even comes to mind when I think of them. Maybe because of the food they serve, or the cultures and lives the people there lead.
and another short piece:
It does not matter what port you are in, all Mail Banks look alike. The walls here at home a drab gray tone that looks like all the color has been wrung out of it. Color is the only difference I noticed when going to different Mail Banks. Like the scents of different ports, the only thing that makes them unique.
Glancing up from her desk, Mandy looks at me rather startled. The strange looks appear to be adding up today. Self-consciously I put my hand up to my hair, it feels smooth and in place. I wonder if there is something on me as I run my tongue along my teeth. As I clear my throat to ask what is wrong she jumps up.
“Melody, how wonderful you stopped in. You have been out a long while; let me go get your package.” She bustles into the back room, coming back out with a smallish package in her hands. “Here you go dear,” she says handing me the package. “This thing seems to have been just about everywhere. Safe journeys to you,” she finishes in a rush. Almost like she is dismissing me and does not want to chit chat.
Distracted by the package now in my hands any questions I had fled my mind.
Word Count: 130
Scene: Máthair Dies
Time Spent:  15 minutes
And there you have it folks… a glimpse into Melody’s world!  What do you think? Would you like to see more snip-it’s in the future?  I was also thinking of vlogging some of this Camp Adventure, what say you? Would you like me to vlog from camp?

Letters From Camp: Two Great “Holidays” Coming At Ya!


So today is the first, and not only is it the first day at Camp NaNo (more to come on that later), but it is also World UFO Day and I Forgot Day!  I had to laugh at this!  Seeing as I am working on Mo Thuras for Camp, and it is a science fiction and fantasy piece about a female space captain I thought it was perfect!!!  And I Forgot Day, well… there is so much in Mo Thuras that is hidden, forgotten, unknown that it is another appropriate holiday for the start of Camp.

Besides, we all know there is plenty we have forgotten today at the start of camp. Sure we have our pillows and our toothbrushes, but… do we have our outlines?  What about some backstory?  That is what I learned last night.  A bunch of new backstory that I didn’t know before, Melody’s da finally decided to tell me his history, not to mention his current occupation!

So the month is just getting going, but we shall soon see what it is that I have forgotten this time around I am sure!

Word Count: 1,207 
Scene: Máthair Dies
Time Spent:  30 minutes

What about you? What do you think you forgot to bring with to Camp?  How about those UFO’s?  Seen any amazing ones lately, have they made an appearance in your camp novel?  Go ahead, add one, who knows where it will lead!  And don’t forget to tell me all about it!  I want to know if you added a UFO or something forgotten to your Camp Novel!

Fairy Day

fairycollectionAs writers we are the teller of tales. As readers, we devour all the tales we can find. I know that I have always loved fairy tales, not to mention who doesn’t love a fairy!  So today I had to share with everyone my own bit of fae!  Here is me, all decked out with my fairy wings!

fairymotionCelebrate with me today, on International Fairy Day!  Take some time out to tell your tale, or read one by another, or even revisit the classics! If you want something a bit more active, work on creating a fairy garden, or build a fairy house!  Revel in your childhood dreams, celebrate in the joy of magic, and let out your inner child!

What do fairies mean to you? Do they remind you of the magic of your youth? Do you think of the stories you read as a kid? Bring out your own magic today!


So, I told you that I would get back to you on my trip!  Man alive, I can’t believe how crazy busy my life has become!  Every time I think I will manage to actually follow through with my goals, they seem to slip through my fingers, but with NaNo fast approaching I will be working hard to actually keep up with them!



Our trip to Arkansas was a grand adventure!  We drove, well I should say I drove *grins* and coming home, well… let’s just say, we decided we wanted to be home so we drove all the way in one go.  With a few stops along the way for sleeping in the car and visiting more family.  Did I mention we got to take the Yaris?! Totally fun, but for sleeping… not much space! *laughs*


There were so many beautiful fall colors on the drive home, it was just stunning!  fallcolor

While we were down there, I did manage to submit some poems to Poet’s Digest, I am hoping!  That said, I am trying something new… I am seeing what some freelancing type things are like.  I am thinking that I kind of enjoy the rush, putting myself out there in smaller pieces vs the big novel length pieces that I have yet to be able to submit.  Might just get me a bit of practice in rejection? *smiles*


Tomorrow is another day, and I have even managed to get a bit of a rough sketch of my NaNo novel in hand!  Later I will add a posting of surviving NaNo and making it out the other side!  How about you?  Are you ready for NaNo?  What adventures have you taken lately?  Have you put yourself out there and submitted something?

A Month Ago

Hey all, I made some goals a month ago, but due to some traveling we did recently I was not able to follow through.  But, with NaNoWriMo fast approaching, and me being an ML and all that, I am hoping that I will actually get back on track!


That said, I will hopefully update you on my trip tomorrow, we had a marvelous time down in Arkansas the past couple weeks, but I just have a quick thing to share today.


As I said, NaNo is just around the corner, so please everyone, help me help them! I have created a fundraising page over on classy.org and would love any and all help to raise some money for this amazing organization!  Head on over to this page to donate, and please share it with your friends and family!

Letters from Camp NaNo! Week One

Hey all,

So we are coming to a close on the first week of camp!  It was an exciting week, with a rough start.  Those pangs of homesickness and all that.  (We all know that is totally what is at fault for slow word counts in the beginning!)

I have some great cabin mates this time around!  We have really been cheering one another along!  And of course as we know the food is GREAT!  I mean, who doesn’t live for potato chips, bagels with cream cheese and hard salome, cereal.  All the staples that get you through!

Thankfully the bugs haven’t been too bad! I am sure that is what accounts for the strong finish this week!  I even boosted my word count goal.  I took it from 10k up to 25k!  Right now I am sitting a tiny bit ahead, but we will see where that goes.

I am looking forward to the week ahead!  It is a busy month, but I am sure together we can finish strong!  How about it?  How is your camping experience going?  If you are not at camp, whyever not?!?  I mean… it is totally your project for camp!  Hope to hear from you soon!


Camp NaNo T-4 days and counting!

I have obviously been making some changes around here!  I hope that you can find everything alright.  I decided it was time to work on making all my writerly accounts match and have a more professional looking writers website.

Along with all the updates I have been working on, I am getting ready for Camp NaNo!  I am really excited for this round of Camp and hoping that I wont run into the writing issues that I did last time!  I am all set to rework Vampyres Prophecy, and hopefully get it up to where I have Mo Thuras sitting right now!  Which means a finished rough outline.  Here’s to hopin’!

I have also been working hard on getting my local writing group up and running, going to a series of workshops that I will hopefully have a chance to touch on soon, and even catching some webinars!

Sadly, my garden is still not in, because I have been so busy with other things.  What about you?  Have your summer plans changed?  Do you feel like summer has steamrolled you?  What comes next?