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Blog Motivation

So having struggled to really find an idea that spoke to me for a few days now, I asked some friends what it is that they would like to see if they were looking to read a writing blog. One of the topics asked for was How to get and stay motivated to work on my blog. She went on to say, I have lots of posts in my brain, but have yet to find a way to hook my brain to my computer and download the posts.

This is a great topic! I have often found myself floundering. And it also gave me the idea for a couple posts, because in addition to this one, you get to look forward to a piece of fiction from me, dealing with the downloading from the brain! *grins* You know you are all dying to read that one! So, here we go, how to stay motivated:

  1. First off, try to have several posts done ahead. The reason I say this is because it is so much easier to maybe come back to it a little later if you really need to, without the pressure of, Oh My GERD, it is due to post in twenty minutes!!! *grins* and yes I have done that more than a time or two, hehehe.
  2. Secondly, keep an actual written list of your ideas. Update this list any time you have an idea, so that you have a ready place to go when you are not feeling inspired.
  3. Thirdly, write on a topic that actually interests you at the moment. Yes, you have created a marvelous list of ideas, but if they are not inspiring you at the moment, write on something else. Your lack of interest will show! You have thought of the ideas for a reason, so give them all the passion they deserve!


There you have it, three easy and quick steps for finding and keeping the motivation to write your blog posts! What do you do to find the motivation for working on your blog when you are feeling less than motivated? Do you keep a list of ideas? Do you just write randomly? Do you work ahead in your blog? Let me know!!!


Just How Often

boss-fight-stock-images-photos-free-photography-coffee-mug-calendar-960x636I have to say… as I have been working on getting my blog rolling again I have put a lot of thought into just how often I should be posting. I don’t know that I want to post every day, but I also know me… when I don’t post every day it seems to slip a little long, and then a little longer, and pretty soon I am failing to post once more!  That is not what I want. I love the blogging world. I love all my blogging friends! There is a sense of community here you don’t find on other areas of the interwebs.


So I ask you, my marvelous readers… how often would you like to see posts?​

Not Forgotten!

fairymeMy dear, marvelous readers, you have not been forgotten!  The end of summer has just left me with a lot on my plate, but I did promise you that I have a very exciting idea coming up!  And I really do!  More on that to be announced soon!

Also, I would love your help, I am currently in the works of planning some more wonderful ideas for your reading pleasure and I would like to add a weekly Vlog post… what is it that you would most like to see from me?!?  Everything is possible!  I hope to have some great content up soon!  Thanks ever so much for your patience!

Crazy Busy!

found on the interwebs
found on the interwebs

Hey all, just popping in to say that I will be back and posting soon!  Life kind of kicked me in the head, and I am down right now, but I should be back in a day or two!  I already know what I will be posting for the rest of the month, just need a bit of time to write!  See you all soon!!!

Letters from Camp: Starlight Blogger Award!

Well, catching up on the awards I had received, here is the second from the wonderful Author Erika Kind!  If you have not been over on her blog, you really should!  Some great reading to be found there.  She was so kind as to gift me with the Starlight Blogger Award!

This Award is created to highlight and promote Inspiring Bloggers.
This Award is created to highlight and promote Inspiring Bloggers.

The rules go like:

1. Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
2. Answer the 3 questions given to you.
3. Please pass the award on to 6 or more other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated by you.
4. Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog please never alter the logo and never change the rules.

The three questions she left me with and their answers:

1.  What book gave you the greatest insights and what insights were it?

I don’t think I could say any one book gave me the greatest insights!  I learn from every book I read!  There is things I take in and appreciate about all of them.  From the hard work that goes into them, to the ideas the bring me, to even knowing and learning things I don’t want to do!  To prove that point, there are even a few quotes I have written down from Twilight!  Some would say that is terrible I know, but there is always something to be gained from any book we read!

2.  If you could live somewhere else, where would it be and why? If you are happy where you are then what was your second favorite place t live and why?

I want to live in London!  I have never fit in as well as I did over there!  Also, I love the amount of culture, and it is prolly just better because it isn’t where I grew up.

3.  Tell me 3 (or more) things you are grateful for.

  1. great friends, I have some amazing people in my life!
  2. having a window by my desk!  (yeah I know that sounds strange, but I can look out my window and enjoy nature while thinking about the things I am going to write next, it is a source of peace!)
  3. the amazing blogging community I have become a part of!  There is nothing like it, and the sense of community is really wonderful!
My Nominees are!  Again in no particular order:
  • WORDSMAIDEN  (I look forward to watching her vlogs every day! They are inspiring me, and I hope to soon start creating a few vlogs of my own!  Who knows, maybe tomorrow!  Or another day.)
  • BumblesBooks (here you will find a bit of everything, I always find something interesting!)
  • THE PURPLE ROSE BLOG  (I just found this one today, and what I read was really amazing!)
  •  Excerpts From Nonexistent Books  (Because seriously, there is nothing more fun than reading bits of books that don’t exist!)

There you have it! A few blogs that inspire me!  Thanks again Erika!  And because I like to share the wealth, if you want the award, take it! I give it freely to any of my readers who would like to have it!  Link back to me, let me know you are doing it, I would love to see who you find inspiring, so that I too may be inspired!  Have a great weekend all!

Letters from Camp: Awards, For Lil’ Ol’ Me?!?


Much thanks are in order!  My little side of the blogosphere received some amazing awards!  I have to say that I love the idea these awards bring, the sharing of the blogs we have come to love and know with others.  The chance to tell other bloggers that you appreciate what they do, that it means something to you.  So it is in this vein that I will share the awards I received and also share with you some amazing blogs that I too have come to love!

First up we have the “Dragon’s Loyalty Award” that I so kindly received from 4 Year Old Adult!  If you have not been over there, you have to check it out!


Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
  2. Pass the award on to other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
  3. Give 7 facts about yourself.

Let’s see, seven facts about me… boy that is tough!

  1. I always write in the first person. For some strange reason, nothing else works for me, no matter how much I try.
  2. I love Scooby-Doo!  And kids movies. I have collected Disney movies since I was a kid!
  3. I don’t really listen to music much.  I like most any genre and will listen to almost anything except hard rock (I’m talking screamo) and am not really a fan of rap.
  4. I am Irish and have a passion for all things to do with my heritage!
  5. One of my biggest hobbies is researching!  I have a deep need to always have something for my mind to puzzle out, and live for learning new things.
  6. I live on junk food!  I can’t cook (this is a well known secret) and as such, whenever I am single (which is most of the time) I am delegated to fending for myself.  This is a sad state of affairs indeed, leaving me feasting on sugar and chips and the odd meal tossed together in fifteen minutes or less!
  7. I love clothes! I have far too many!  I can’t help myself, I use clothes to define events!  It is loads of fun.  Of course, the fact that I am a custom costumer may play a part in that.

As for my nominees, they are as follows and in no particular order:

The Second Award I was granted was granted will come at you tomorrow!  Thanks for tuning in to another day from camp!  What about you? Do you like the awards that float around the blogosphere? Do you enjoy finding new blogs from those you follow?  Do you enjoy sharing some of your favorites when you receive an award?  Or would you rather not ever receive them?

Letters from Camp: “Would You Rather” Writer Edition


So the great thing about Camp is being inspired to write.  Over on Herminia’s blog she did this great little “Would You Rather” thing, and I loved it.  So, here are my answers to some fun questions around the campfire!

Would you rather only write standalones or trilogies?

Honestly, as of right now, all the novels I am writing are standalones, but I actually have some ideas so that they can become series!  It all depends on how well they write.

Would you rather be a professional writer or a professional blogger?

That is easy, professional writer, while I love blogging, there are so many stories in me that need to be told! I want to share them with the world!  The characters who share their stories with me would be so disappointed if I stopped telling their tales.

Would you rather hand write or have to type for the rest of your life?

Honestly, if I could only do one, I would almost have to go with writing by hand! I much prefer it, there is such a beauty in writing, in the curves of a letter, how a word shapes itself… Yeah I love writing!  The only thing that stops me from writing by hand now is having to transfer it to the computer later, I REALLY hate transcribing my work!

Would you rather be forced to write everything in uppercase or lowercase letters?

Honestly, I think I would have to say uppercase. It really annoys me to see lower case i’s and the like.  So I could only save my sanity by writing in all uppercase!

Would you rather only write 2 pages per day or 250 pages per week?

I would have to say 250, although some weeks that would really be a challenge!  But I write a lot of different things, so that would depend on what is counting towards those two pages.

Would you rather be traditionally published or self published?

I have always dreamed of being traditionally published, but… as the publishing industry changes, so do my thoughts and feelings on the matter.  I really like the freedom that self publishing offers, and I hate being told how to do things, so I am leaning more and more towards self publishing.  But that is not to say if the offer didn’t fall in my lap, I would totally take it!

Would you rather only write in pen or pencil?

Pen of course!  What is this pencil word you speak of?

Would you rather only be allowed to write at your desk or anywhere else in the world?

Anywhere else!  I am inspired by things around me. Ever since I started writing at home, at my desk I have not written nearly as much as when I was going to the Mayo all the time.  With one exception, when I am writing with friends!  Seems so long as there is something to help stimulate my creative mind I can write all day!

Well there you are peps!  You heard it around the camp, and now you know what I think.  What about you?  Let’s pass these camp notes!

A New Direction


Hey all! So I don’t know if you have noticed, but I am taking a little different approach to my blog these days.  When I started out on this blogging journey I didn’t know what it would mean to me. I also didn’t think I would ever have anyone want to read it.  When setting out, I was very focused on writing and only writing.  Since then I started adding in a little of my life, and I think I named it appropriately, it is all random acts of writing in some form or another.  That said, I am looking to shift it just a bit more, to not only include my writing, but to also include my life as an artist, the things I am learning, life in general and finding balance in all of that!

What I would love to hear from you, my wonderful readers is, what would you like to read about?!?  I am open to any and all thoughts, I am working now on scheduling August, as I have already gotten this month planned.  What intrigues you? What makes you want to read more? What inspires you? What makes you feel? What is a topic you want to know more about?  Please drop me a note in the comments and let me know!

What Crazy Holiday is Today?!?

DSC_0146Well, I realized that I have failed dreadfully at my goals for this year to keep up on my blog. But I have been working hard to rectify that, and deal with the crisis that we call life!  One of the crazy holidays for the day is International Panic Day, and I thought it the perfect time to reflect on and work towards my poor blog that never gets the attention it deserves!  The past couple weeks I sat down and worked out a schedule and am now working on writing and scheduling my posts in advance, so we shall see how much that helps.

Today is also International Picnic day, and International Sushi Day, so grab your picnic baskets, fill them with sushi and get out there and enjoy the day!  I know that I will be finding some time for a picnic soon!  In this crazy madness of life, and setting out my goals and making plans for my future, it is always important to find time for the finer things in life and enjoy the now!

I hope to do better going forward actually finding balance in this crazy thing called life! So many things to catch up on, and relate to the world at large that I have learned!  I can’t wait to catch up with you all!  How about you? Any of these crazy holidays that you just have to celebrate?  Or days you find funny that they would even have created some strange holiday for?  Where is your life going? Have you taken time to slow down and reflect… Tell me all about it!

A Fellow Artist



Hey all, today I want to take a moment to direct your attention to an amazing artist friend of mine.  She does some incredible things with wool!  Take a few moments and head on over and check out her stuff at Lil Fish Studios.  Her art inspires me every time I look at it!


What about you?  Who are your friends?  What do they do?  Do they inspire you?