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DFF: Cyborgs are Real

Coming at ya with another fun flash fiction! I hope you enjoy.

Today’s Prompt:  “Holy shit. They are real.” “I tried to tell you.”  W/Cyborg that has a glowing red eye

Today’s Story:

Cyborgs are Real

“Holy shit. They are real.” Hamish said.

“I tried to tell you.  Why don’t you ever believe me?” retorts his sister.

Photo by Amr Elmasry on Unsplash

The man moving in front of them had a jarring gait.  The strange mechanical leg thumping the ground with every step, shaking everything around them. At the kids whispers, it looks at them. One eye glowing red, something deep inside sparking.

“Oh that can’t be good! Hamish… let’s get out of here.” Sylvia squeaks.

“Don’t. Move.” Comes the cyborgs demanding voice. All too human, making him that much scarier.

“Run Sylvia. I will distract him,” whispers Hamish, hoping that he can come up with some way to save his sister, from the half man, half robot now heading their way.

“Oh this can’t be good.”Sylvia turns to flee, and a strange light hits the ground in front of her.

“I said. Don’t. Move.” Growls the voice. “Don’t made me hurt you.”

Slowly turning back around, she moves as close to her brother as she can.

“What do you want from us.” Hamish says. Trying to be demanding, but the quiver in his voice ruins the effect.

“I don’t know. I just know that you have to come with me.” The cyborg looks a little confused.

“Are… are you okay?” whispers Sylvia.

“What are you doing?” asks Hamish. “Have you lost your mind?”

“No. He… looks confused. Maybe he just needs our help.”

“I am not confused. Just seems there is some kind of programming that demands I take you with me.  I seem to have no current memories.  Now. Come with me.” He points towards a building to their left.

“Umm… alright.” Sylvia says.

“Seriously… this is going to get us killed. Or worse.” Hamish grumbles. Turning to follow his sister, his arm around her.

“Oh, where is your sense of adventure, Hamish. Who knows… maybe now we will know why we woke up on the hill. Maybe now we will finally have some answers as to why we are so far from home.” she says quietly.

There you have it… What story do you get from this prompt? Please share it in the comments!  And if you like what you find here, remember you can find me published in these anthologies: MN Emerging Writers and the National Edition!