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Letters from Camp: Definitions

Camp-Participant-2015-Twitter-ProfileWell my friends, it being camp and all, and knowing that I am supposed to be doing that writing thing, it leads me to thinking about words.  Of course, over on WORDSMAIDEN I was having an interesting conversation with Alexandra.  She had posted the most amazing vlog, which I of course promptly shared with you, my intrepid readers, but it got me thinking even more.

As many of you have probably guessed by now, I have a deep love for etymology!  I love looking at how words change over time and the new words that we create!  At any rate it got us to talking about what success is.  Which of course got us talking about the meanings of words and how dictionaries can’t really define what they mean to each one of us.

So, I pose this question to you, my wonderful friends, does the dictionary give us the meaning of words?  Or do we ourselves define things by our very perceptions of the world around us?  How do you define things? What to you, could the dictionary never truly define?