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A bit of Inspiration

So, I have managed to fall a few days behind on my writing, but today that is not what I want to share with you.  Instead, I want to share my day’s distraction.  A video that speaks to the deepest parts of our selves.

This is a big part of why I write in the New Adult genre.  The exploration of identity, of why we are who we are, of trying despite the odds stacked against us… it is powerful!


What do you think?  What goes through your mind when watching this video?  What emotions does it evoke?

Midweek Poetry Break: Fear Giving Rise

My poem this week was inspired a bit by my weekly inspiration post and the conversations that have followed.

Fear Giving Rise

By:  Random (aka WhiteRaven or WhiteRavenSoars)

Fear Giving Rise

What of you?  When fear hits what do you instantly think on?  Are you the type who overcomes or are you the kind that hides?  What brings out your courage?