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Letters from Camp: Homesick!


So I gotta say, visiting this other camp sure has been fun, seems they do a lot of partying around here, but boy does it make me homesick for Camp NaNo!  I miss my wonderful top bunk, and my great cabin mate StoryCoat!  She always has a ready smile and creative ideas when the juices aren’t flowing!  I want my little writing cubby back.

some of the mischief we get into!
some of the mischief we get into!

The only thing making it worthwhile is time spent with some great new friends! (Ok, maybe they are not so new and maybe they are even the whole reason why I am away from camp NaNo, and just maybe they are even family!)

metravelI can’t believe there is only one week of camp left! So many words to manage and so little time! I hope when I get back from my field trip my story loves me just a little more and the characters start speaking to me, so that I don’t fail camp this summer!

What about you? Have you had any excursions from camp? Do you find yourself homesick when you step away from camp for a little while?


Letters from Camp: What Fun!


WOW!  So yesterday was Independence Day, and here at Camp it was also family day!  So we had a day away and spent time with our family’s who we are not really seeing for the month.  The best laid plans seemed to have gone awry, but the end of the night was a great success!

We saw FIREWORKS!  So, I wont say much tonight, but I will share some amazing pictures with you!  So, for your viewing pleasure, my day away from camp:

Airek & I prefireworks
Airek & I pre-fireworks

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What about you? What did you do on Independence Day? Did you spend time with your loved ones as well?  Did you do any writing?  Get any great writerly ideas?

Current Events

Well, having a scheduled plan is nice and all, but I have to say, while I do not often write about any current events, I needed to write about this one! Sides, everyone wants to know about my weekend, am I right, or am I write?!?  *grins*

B & I at our wedding!
B & I at our wedding!

Friday it happened!  Same sex marriage is legal in the United States!  A little known fact about me, I had an amazing wife, and while we never were legally married, we celebrated our marriage that lasted a year and a month before she passed away!  Seeing our country finally make it legal for everyone, it was a big thing for me. Something my wife would have been right there on the front lines trying to make happen.  I spent an emotional day remembering my amazing wife, and looking at how far things have come and the changes we are seeing.

Here I am, with my amazing sushi!

I am blessed with an amazing sister (honestly I have several amazing sisters, not to mention several amazing brothers as well!) and long before we knew that change was going to take place we had already decided to go out for a formal dinner, just because!  And where did my sister take me you may ask? To this really great sushi place in Fargo! I can’t remember the name of the place right now, but I have some fun pictures!

A friend who joined us in our excursion! (also eating some amazing sushi and no he didn't know I was snapping his pic!)
A friend who also got sushi! (no he didn’t know I was snapping his pic!) 
My sister and her teriyaki salmon! (it was very amazing as well!)

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A Father’s Day Thank You

grampswolfgangI can’t believe that it is Father’s Day already!  Happy Father’s Day to all you dad’s out there!  In honor of Father’s day here is a big thank you to the man who raised me!  That is him and my nephew! Aren’t they great!

Thank you so much for always being there for me, no matter the storm (and let me tell  you, there were many of various types, including real storms!).  I couldn’t have asked for more!  You raised me to believe in what I could be, and that through work I could achieve anything I wanted. You raised me to be a leader, not a follower of the crowd and I love that I am a very unique individual. I owe that all to you!  I love you!

Midweek Poetry Break: Memories

So I had this all ready to post last week, but life rather got in my way.  I also took that time for a much needed break.  Feeling much refreshed I am going to try to get back in the swing of things.

Last week was the five month mark of the loss of my wife, so I thought I would share a poem and picture that I photoshopped.  It was one of the first one’s I tried to photoshop without her, I used our engagement picture as it is one of my personal favorites.